StreamiZ to watch his Movies and Series is the Ideal Solution?

To watch a movie that has just been released or a series, you can use the different platforms that allow you to make free downloads. Most of the time, these services are offered by illegal download or streaming sites. One of them is the StreamiZ, which will be the subject of this drafting. Find in the following, the necessary information on this illegal streaming site, and the good resolutions to enjoy the cinematic works in peace.

When it comes to streaming platforms that have been a fast hit with users, StreamiZ is one of them, as are VoirFilmDpstreamDownload Zone or Papystreaming.

This platform has been present for more than 10 years, and its popularity comes mainly from all the noise that there has been around its release it is among the Top 10 streaming sites. On top of that, it presents a beautiful interface that is simple and intuitive, with many great movies.

StreamiZ is also known for providing service above what can be found on other platforms such as StreamComplet and Extreme-download. It is one of the best streaming sites that users have experienced, thanks in part to the various records that have propelled it to the rank of the second most famous platform.

What is the story of StreamiZ?

The history of this streaming platform was marked in 2011 by unexpected statistics. During this year, the platform recorded nearly 250,000 visitors each day, a record for the site. There were nearly 40,000 films available on the platform, with a combined view record that reached 500 million during this period. These statistics have enabled StreamiZ to become the second most famous streaming site in all of France.

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Happiness will have been a little short, since a complaint from the National Federation of Film Distributors, filed since 2009, resurfaced the same year. This led to the arrest of the site administrator by the authorities during the search of his home. In particular, he was found recovering a sum of 30,000 euros in cash in his personal belongings. After that, several years followed and the noise dissipated.

It was in 2018 that a new summons to the Nanterre court allowed the man to be convicted, even though he did not appear before the prosecutor’s office. He was convicted of forgery and concealed labour. For this, he was sentenced to two years in prison, with a fine of 83.6 million euros. This money will be distributed to the civil party that consisted of Disney, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. and many other audiovisual unions.

StreamiZ, how does this site work?

At the very beginning of the advent of this site for streaming, users were enthusiastic and the site had experienced an unprecedented moment of glory. At that time, streamiZ presented itself as a great film directory, where you could freely access the latest cinematic releases. Whether it’s movies or series, you had the option to stream them, but also download them. However, this platform had put in place an option that is still in effect today. It didn’t host a file on its site, but instead offered links that directed you to share platforms like MegaUpload and MegaVideo.

This way of doing things has still enabled StreamiZ and its administrator to earn several thousand euros, thanks in particular to the remuneration of the various advertisements.

Where to find the StreamiZ site?

Since the various arrests of its manager that led to his leak, the site StreamiZ no longer makes the news. Faced with this situation, several clone sites have appeared on the internet and used the name of the original platform to take advantage of its notoriety.

When you do a quick search, you will find several sites of the same name as well as the famous PapyStreaming platform, but most of them do not offer the services that were once present on the first platform. You won’t be able to have the latest movies or series that you can stream or download. Those who get a little closer, offer you advertisements about the films, to benefit from the revenues that come from them.

It should be noted that these different sites that impersonate StreamiZ, also pose a danger to all their users. Some malware platforms are looking for vulnerable customers so they can extract information from their devices. This information may relate to your personality or information from your bank accounts. So the best thing would be not to rely on these clones, and to access the streamiZ site by going to

Why is streaming illegal, that they are the risks?

In truth, streaming is not illegal per se, and rather it is a technology that allows the distribution of the content of audiovisual works on the Internet. It allows some sites to host movies and series on their platforms, so users can stream or download them.

Streaming becomes illegal because of the way sites use it, and the way services are offered. Indeed, the dissemination of cinematic works such as films, series, video clips, etc., without the payment of adequate copyrights, constitutes the causes of its inequality. Sites that specialize in this form of streaming are often sued by copyright advocates and distributor federations.

What are the solutions to enjoy streaming legally?

It is possible to stream legally on sites that are licensed in this area such as Netflix or Amazon. They have rights to the different content they host on their servers. When you want to enjoy a legal streaming platform, just pay a subscription, which will allow you to watch freely the various cinematic releases that can be movies, series or music. You can also access some streaming platforms that are free like YouTube.

So you have all the information you need about the illegal streaming platform StreamiZ, and the resolutions to enjoy your streaming freely. It’s up to you!

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