The Top 10 Worst Myths About Online Slot Games

Slot machines are one of the most popular sections in any online casino, which you can find at Such entertainment attracts the attention of players in both land-based and online casinos. Slots are a popular gaming category because you do not need to have a certain amount of experience to run the reels. Almost all slots are based on luck and work with the help of a random number generator.

There are always a large number of myths surrounding this category. A large number of times gamers have tried to outsmart slot machines to hit the jackpot. It is important to keep in mind that almost all myths are related to misinformation and are not true. 

Fans of slot machines prefer to focus more on other gambling games. For example, roulette, bingo, and other entertainment. Slots have a great advantage because they can be played for free. Often, gamblers choose the themed slots that they like best. There are games in different styles from the best software providers.

Myths and Truth

There are advantages and disadvantages of slot machines. Land-based slot machines have different modes and can offer different payouts. The result of each spin in slot machines is random. When playing slots it is impossible to use any strategy because it is unreal to predict the possibility of winning.

If someone has recently hit the jackpot in a certain slot, many believe that in the near future it will be impossible to hit the jackpot. If you think logically, such an opinion may seem correct. But in fact, no one can expect to win in the next few spins. 

Gamblers should keep in mind that the random number generator is a complex formula, based on which the slot selects the symbols that fall on the odds. They are completely unrelated to previous spins, so the result of each spin is random and completely unpredictable.

The Advantage of the Casino House in Online Slots

All online slots have a house advantage in a certain percentage. It is usually not fixed. The odds in favor of the casino can vary. Gaming sites cannot fix any slot machine, they make a profit without the need for such a fix.

There is another myth that is associated with slot machines and it is that autoplay offers less payout than the manual spinning of the reels. This is a completely unfounded assumption because the payout for the spins is not affected by how you spin the reels. RNGs don’t have eyes to see exactly which way the reels were run – manually or with autoplay.

Highrollers Only for Progressive Jackpots

There are some slots that offer gamblers a round of progressive jackpots after they bet within maximum limits. In fact, it is possible to hit the jackpot at absolutely any time and the bet amount is not significant.

Any online casino has no control over who exactly will claim the jackpot. Winning in slots depends only on luck.

Bonus Features

Various bonus features that increase the chances of success are a really good suggestion. But you should not consider it as the only way to increase your bankroll. Most bonuses are designed to grab the attention of gamers. Common bonus features are:

  • free rounds;
  • free spins;
  • multipliers;
  • wild symbols;
  • scatters. 

Bonuses also appear at random and work as a random number generator. No one can predict what they will get for the next spin. All you have to do is enjoy the gameplay and try your luck by playing for real money. Only then you will be able to get a big payout. 

Sometimes gamblers believe that you can change the result using the stop button. Most online casinos have a stop icon, which is indicated by such a button. When you press this option, the reels stop and you cannot change the spin result. The results of each spin will be pre-set exactly when you click on the button to start the spins.

Players often choose different slots to try their luck. It is strongly not recommended to try a slot machine with the expectation that it will guarantee instant payouts. You should especially consider the payout table and the number of your last winnings. If you haven’t had any substantial earnings for a long time, you shouldn’t pay attention to such slot machines, because you will probably be unsuccessful in them.

Slots guarantee winnings only randomly and no slot machine can predict which spin can provide you with a payout.

Ways to Increase the Chances of Winning

Almost every online slot has a button that prompts gamblers to make the maximum bet or automatically determines the maximum bet for each spin. If you use the maximum bet every time you choose to run a spin, then be prepared for the fact that your bankroll will be quickly depleted. 

It is recommended that every gambler use his bankroll responsibly and wisely in order to have a high chance of winning. Be guided by your experience and knowledge, rather than just making constant bets on the maximum amount.

Gaming sites cannot manipulate bets and payouts. Any developer establishes the principles of a random number generator in their game, which will determine winnings. An online casino cannot manipulate the outcome or influence the bets and payout amounts in any way. The slot gives only random results and the payout percentage of bets always remains fixed.


If you enjoy playing at online casinos, never pay attention to myths and unsubstantiated theories. In slot machines, winning depends only on your luck and no one has the ability to influence these results. This is especially true of online casino management. Bet responsibly and enjoy the process to get a chance to hit the jackpot. Before choosing a game, it is recommended to read online slot machine reviews.

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