YTPAK Alternative to YouTube Update 2020

YTPAK Alternative to YouTube

A long time to go when YouTube was banned in Pakistan. It is still a question that when it will be unblocked or how would it be. The largest video sharing website is still unpredicted to be unblocked.

It happened on September 17, 2012, when the Capital territory of Pakistan, Islamabad, issued the order of banning YouTube. It was due to the case that YouTube uploaded a movie, which was a blasphemous movie named “innocence of the Muslims”.

It was blasphemy in the honour of the prophet “ Hazrat Muhammad SAW” which cause chaos among the Muslim ummah and they started protesting against it. Pakistan was one of the leading countries that protested against it, but when the YouTube parent company Google did not remove it from the site, Pakistan steps towards banning the website.

When YouTube got banned in Pakistan, there were two different views among society. Some were on a page that viewing any content is related to personal choice, banning a site will consider as freedom of internet uses, they were, of course, liberal ones.

On the other hand, people how were somehow related to Islam were in favour of banning it. This was because it may cause violation among the people as it hurts the Muslims. The government of Pakistan shake hands with the religious one and took the decision of banning YouTube.

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After it got banned, the website was available in many areas of Karachi. The news was spread on the internet that YouTube is available, but officially it was banned, people access it by some other means. some of the people were happy as they hear the news that YouTube is accessible but the other ones were frustrated on the news.

The government of Pakistan was still stuck to the ban of YouTube, but again it becomes the source of incompetence because its availability was varying area to area among Pakistan. People have access to the web by using illegal ways or using other unblocking platforms to access it.

Entrepreneurs of Pakistan took advantage of this situation. They started providing servers or the platforms to the people by which they can access YouTube.

In this regard, the websites which started providing direct access to YouTube content were,, and but one thing that was acceptable for the people, they provide the services while filtering the blasphemous material on the website. People can’t access to the blasphemous material in Pakistan while using these platforms.

The entrepreneur “Hasan Saleem” who was behind unblocking YouTube said “ The videos are served directly by YouTube. What we do is that we block the objectionable content on a daily basis ”

The website becomes popular in a very few time, you can consider its popularity by just have a look at the stats. The web got 70,000 hits on its first day of launch and on average 40,000 daily views.

It reached the peak as 175,000 hits done in last week, while almost 300 movies were downloaded in the last week. If you have a look at its ranking, you will come to know that it improved ranking from 2316 to 1631, almost 700 points in a week, as per the

You can realize how potentially the alternative to YouTube was growing as the stats are described above. Not only the was growing ambiguously, but the other alternatives too, like and  These alternatives make a lot of money by providing YouTube content on their server.

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Along the that is launched recently,  has millions of users from the last year. This website was served from Lahore and still growing by increasing its users continuously, almost it gets 1 million daily page views and 200,000 videos watched on a daily basis.

If we talk about the ranking of the, it is very popular and ranked in the 60s. And if the progress is still continuous, it will be in the top 10 within no time.

The founder of the says,” Our portal scans the internet and pulls data from the fastest server that is available. It searches YouTube, Dailymotion and other such platforms and serves it to users”. While responding  to another question the founder says, “  The  group founded the website for the professional needs and not for the profit ”

But with the increase in the number of users, the traffic on the website also increases. If the bandwidth of this website is not increased, then it will slow down. So, the company is searching for a way of increasing its revenue to provide the service without any disturbance to its users.

The response to these services is very interesting as they are working in the wellbeing of the people of Pakistan. Providing them with the content of their interest in restricting them to the blasphemous material.

The success of these website lies in its policies that they are following, keeping in mind the user requirements and government restrictions. Providing services with the best of the user interest. shares the way of working to its users, they start preparing a list of the restricted content before it got launched. They tally the content with the government and courts order and restrict this material to be uploaded on the websites.

There is a proper coding behind the uploading that filters the content before being upload on the web. The website is working in a similar fashion.

According to the Ilyas ”Our solution gives a rating to key words and when the ratings reach a particular point, the video is blocked and all of this is done automatically ” he also said that it is impossible to manually filter or delete the content that is not allowed or objectionable among the large data, millions of the videos.

So the best approach to handle it is an automatic approach which has specific coding at the backend.

YTPak Unblocked?

Finally, YTPak no more available for the user. YTPak team permanently shut down for the user.

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