5 Advantages of a VPN


Gone are the days when virtual private networks – VPNs – were the domain of computer nerds and cybercriminals alone. Indeed, having a VPN installed on your device simply makes good sense for all users of the internet nowadays, whether their purpose of surfing it be personal or professional. Here we will provide the 5 advantages of a VPN.

That’s because a VPN can provide a whole host of privacy, security, and user experience benefits. As well as masking your device’s IP address and encrypting all data sent over it, this sophisticated internet tool can also allow you to bypass local geo-blocking controls, access information and media normally only available abroad, and prevent data throttling from occurring on your account. For a closer exploration of each of those advantages in more detail, read on.

Enhance privacy

In the age of big data, our personal information is hot property. If it’s not marketing companies looking to sell your online activity patterns to the highest bidder, it’s malicious hackers trying to steal your sensitive information. A VPN can be anathema to both, since it can enhance your online privacy by masking your device’s IP address. By doing so, you can browse the web safely and anonymously, with no one able to see where your searches take you.

Data encryption

What’s more, hiding your IP address isn’t the only way that a VPN can boost your security on the internet. By encrypting all data that is sent and received by your computer, smartphone or other device, you can ensure that no prying eyes are able to view the messages, media or important information that you enter into log-in portals, chat platforms or any other online entity. This makes it impossible for anyone else to access your data.

Bypass geo-blocking 

In certain parts of the world, the authorities prohibit their citizens from accessing specific sites and applications. This type of blanket ban applies to everyone in the country, whether they be an expat, a tourist, or another non-resident. Using a VPN can bypass these geo-blocking protocols and let you visit your favorite sites even while in a country that isn’t normally amenable to them. 

Access overseas content

At the same time, many organizations restrict access to content produced within their borders to their residents alone. Whether it be media on a particular streaming platform or a news site which is closed off to overseas visitors, that can be most inconvenient for anyone not physically in the nation at the time in question. By making it appear as though your IP address actually does originate in that place, you can access it remotely.

Prevent data throttling

For the uninitiated, data throttling is when an internet service provider (ISP) intentionally limits the amount of bandwidth that may be consumed by a specific user. This may be because they do not have the server power to meet fluctuating demand, or perhaps because they have identified a user who they believe is consuming more than their fair share of data. In any case, installing and activating a VPN can prevent your ISP from knowing how much data you consume, thereby impeding them from throttling it.

With so many positives to be gained from installing a VPN, it makes sense to download one without delay and use it every time you surf the web going forwards.

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