About Night Vision Optics


Video shooting has many facets and night shooting is one of them.  Night video shooting needs the best night vision optics in place to extract the best output.  Night vision optics are useful in many areas, be it regular video shooting, vigilance, security, wildlife photography, etc.

Night vision optical devices allow you to see in the dark.  However, it is not easy to choose or build a perfect night vision device suitable to your requirements.  The device should meet all the standards and at the same time meet all your requirements and the choice is not all that easy.

Uses of Night Vision Cameras


Night vision cameras are widely used now in video making.  Having a night vision camera is an asset, be it movie work, short films are other celebrations.  The night vision effect adds to the repertoire of your video shoot portfolio and adds to your value as a videographer. 

Wild-life Photography

Night vision optics are very handy to shoot wild-life during dark hours.  Having a remote control to the video device is much needed here to get the desired result in terms of what you want.


Night vision surveillance cameras enable you to protect your valuable assets by capturing video evidence of theft, vandalism, and any other unauthorized activity that occurs in low-light conditions where standard security cameras won’t work.

Why Clip-on Night Vision Scope

Clip-on night vision scope provides a lot of variety and serves all of the above purposes with little fuss.  This is just like an add-on to the regular day video devices and astonishingly easier to deploy and use.

Here, we discuss the nuances of night vision scope clip-on systems and guide you through to the best ones available in the market.

What is a clip-on scope?

Clip-on scopes are designed to quickly clip onto your existing day scope.  A clip-on scope allows you to quickly switch between normal and thermal optics without removing your rifle scope. The biggest advantage of a clip-on is convenience.

What To Look For In Night Vision Clip-On Systems

Let us first check what one needs to look for in night vision clip-on systems before making the choice.

Advanced Technology

The system you choose should have the latest technology available so that you don’t miss out on the latest updates and features.  The latest shutterless technology adds higher visibility and versatility in this aspect.  The technology is ever-growing and it is imperative that you keep up with the best and latest technology available.

User Friendly

The system should be easy to use and need the least amount of time to get used to it.  The  product should make it easier to convert a day scope into a night one seamlessly, not wasting much of your valuable time.

Work in All Conditions

The system should function in all weather conditions and be able to withstand drastic weather and even in complete darkness without compromising on quality.  Be it breezy cold weather or sultry hot moist nights, the system should deliver the exact same output and that should be the best available.

Budget friendly

The system should fit in the budget you have but at the same time meet all your requirements.  Never spend more than what is needed falling prey to glossy superficial details. 

Choose The Right One

The following are the features you should look out for before zeroing on your clip-on night vision scope.  Make sure the system you choose ticks all the boxes mentioned below.

Factory Bore-setting

Choose a system that has factory bore-setting which makes handling hassle-free.

Quick Release

The mount should have a quick release as well as a quick set.  This saves a lot of time and agony, else these minute details may result in getting the whole thing wrong.

Remote Control

Remote control is a must for easier navigation.  Be it shooting the wildlife or the regular entertainment videos or security monitoring systems, remote control facility makes handling it a child’s play.

So, make sure you select the device that is the best in terms of advanced technology, easy to mount and dismount, serves all your purposes and importantly easy to use.

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