Best Forex Backtesting Software to Help You Test Your System


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At first, the process of developing an automated trading system can be overwhelming – but you don’t have to tackle it alone. TradersUnion has put together this guide on the best forex backtesting software so you can have the tools to take your trading strategy from concept to reality. Read on to learn about 5 top-rated options and how they can help you get started in building your own automated trading system. 

What Is Backtesting Software?

Forex backtrading software is a program that simulates trading. It is used by traders to test the viability of their trading system. This process, also known as backtesting, can be done manually or with backtest software. The data required for this process includes open and close prices for the currency pair, entry and exit points for trades, and leverage. Trade245 offers a free backtesting tool that uses all of these data inputs automatically to give traders an accurate idea of how their strategy would fare in real life.

How Does Backtesting Work?

As a forex trader, it’s not enough to test your trading system on paper. The only way to know if your system is going to work in the real world of the markets is to backtest it. Trading with a backtested strategy without ever having run it live first can lead you in one of two directions: either toward success or into disaster. There are many different types of backtesting software, and some have more features than others. This can be confusing for new traders who may not know how the process works. Trade245 has created a step-by-step guide that can help you find the best software for you and walk you through how backtesting will work once you start trading live.

What Are The Benefits Of Backtesting?

There are a variety of benefits to backtesting your trading strategy. Some of the most notable ones are: -It can help you see how well your system would have performed in different market conditions and time frames. -It can also show you what kind of exit strategies would have been profitable. This will give you a better understanding of when it’s best to take profits or cut losses, as well as when it might be advantageous for you to let trades run longer than anticipated. -You’ll also be able to see how your system would’ve performed if placed on different brokers and account types, which is important because not all brokers offer the same kinds of order types or spreads and some may not even allow scalping at all.

What is trade245?

Trade245 is a software program that helps you backtest your system. Backtesting is the process of testing a trading strategy by running it against historical data and seeing what would have happened if you had used it in real-time. The software takes all of the guess work out of analyzing your strategy and will show you how profitable or unprofitable it would have been over different time periods.

What Are The Benefits Of trade245?

trade245 is the best forex backtesting software that you can use on your desktop or mobile app. This is a great way for both novice and professional traders alike to create profitable strategies by testing them on historical data. There are many benefits to using trade245:

* Trade245 gives you the ability to choose from up to 600 currency pairs, including all of the popular ones, like GBPUSD and EURUSD.

* The platform is easy-to-use, even for beginners who don’t know how to code or program.

* It offers an intuitive interface that makes it simple and fast for users to get started with their backtest strategy creation process.


Trade245 is a powerful backtest software that allows you to test your trading system against historical data. It is an extremely valuable tool for traders as it will help them optimize their strategy and provide them with an edge on the market. This software also has a demo account with live markets for traders who want to practice before risking their own money

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