Setting up a Nursery: 8 Tips for Designing a Perfect Room for Your Little Angel


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Designing a Perfect Room
Designing a Perfect Room

Are you expecting a new member of the family soon? If you are, we are pretty sure about how excited you are right now. You are probably designing a perfect room making plans and preparations on how to be the best parent that you can. For now, we can give you some tips about how to set up a perfect nursery for your future little angel. From the design, furniture, and even storage, we have a few tricks up our sleeve that can help you. Here are some tips on designing a nursery room for your baby:

1. Pick an enjoyable theme for the room

Thinking of an idea and making the plan are the first things that you should do. Picking a suitable theme for the nursery comes hand in hand with this. You can go for a neutral theme if you are still not sure whether it is a boy or a girl. An example of this is the outer space theme where you can decorate and choose specific colors that resemble the universe. Add other things that constitute outer space such as planets and the stars. Make sure that your toy storage agrees with your theme, along with other furniture such as cribs.

You can also pick a jungle theme which is composed mostly of greens such as trees, plants, and grass. Do not forget to add cute little animals! You can also try DIY designs which are more fun and enjoyable to do. Always feel free to experiment.

2. Decorate the ceilings

We all know that in their early months, babies spend a lot of time staring up at the walls and the ceiling before they learn how to crawl and roll. Therefore, it is important for us parents to never forget giving those ceilings the most comforting and calming feeling for our little ones. Research says that babies are fascinated by high-contrast patterns and colors, so try to pick out the best one that you think your baby will surely love.

3. Put all the needs inside the room

Nursing your baby could be the most fulfilling thing to do in your lifetime. But you must also know that it can still be a demanding and tiring job to do on your own. One tip that we can give you is to build your personalized nursery station inside the room where you can find all your nursing needs–from baby powder, diapers, to bottles for feeding your baby.

4. Proper storage is a must

It is a must for every child’s room to have proper storage for everything that they need, especially when storing milk or food to prevent any contamination that may affect your baby’s health. You must have appropriate storage for other things such as clothing, toys, and other essential things that your child needs. Make sure to store these things in an orderly manner, so you will avoid misplacing them. If you have a tight budget, you can recycle old boxes and containers and convert them into a DIY storage box. You must also use the room spaces efficiently to avoid feeling cluttered and cramped inside the room.

5. Ensure proper lighting

In terms of design, lighting is an important element for a nursery room to make the interior design more vivid and attractive at the same time. Natural light is the best light that you can put into the nursery room. It can easily uplift the mood and gives a comfortable feeling not only for you but also for your baby. It means that opening your windows and curtains is a good idea.

But when it comes to artificial lights, always choose the appropriate lights that are needed and ideal for your baby. A gentle or soft glow lighting is enough for your mini-me. Even at night, a dimmer light can help to provide a small amount of light for you to walk into the room at bedtime without waking your baby up. Always remember to avoid harsh and blinding light that can cause problems to your little one–this is strongly recommended.

6. Make the room a safe place for your little angel

Eventually, your baby will learn to roll, crawl or even start their first steps. So thinking ahead and making the room baby-proof will be to your advantage in the coming months. How to do it? First, cover all the sharp edges and corners of your furniture with safety padding that is available in the market. Second, cover all electrical outlets with safety plugs. Third, do not give small toys that your baby can swallow to avoid accidental choking. Lastly, always check if the kinds of stuff that you buy for your baby are child-friendly and can be used according to their age.

7. Put a rocking chair or a glider for you and your baby

All babies love the feeling of being rocked or swayed while feeling the warmth of the caress of their parents. This repetitive movement is soothing and relaxing for them. But sometimes, for parents, this is a tiring job to do. This is why a rocking chair or a glider can make a big impact in your little nursery room. With this, you can rock your baby to sleep and relax in no time with the very least effort. It is also a designated space for you to sit and observe your child while they are sleeping. 

8. Think long-term

When designing your kid’s nursery, always think long-term when buying furniture and when setting up the space of their room. You might be against it, but these kids will eventually grow up. Consider also how this room will remain useful for them as they grow up. Choose reliable furniture that can last for a long time and is also suitable for grown-ups.

Explore and experiment

Here are just some of the tips that can help you out when setting up your kid’s nursery. Still, it is up to you how you want to set up your kid’s nursery! For wider options when choosing the right furniture and storage solutions, you can check out online stores such as They have fun designs for your little ones or minimalist designs if you want something simple and elegant.

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