How to Delete Chat History on Discord


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The Way How to delete Chat History on Discord 


Discord is one of the fascinating apps to help you communicate with people around the world. They may be your friends, family, or even a stranger. This app is used to bind a community together. The presence of the bulk of previous messages in the chatbox is quite a frustrating experience. So, in this article, we will tell you how to delete chat history on Discord. 

Most people seem to use it for the voice features of this amazing app. Apart from that, the chat features of this app are wonderful and attention-grabbing. Initially, Discord was a gaming app, but due to the immense popularity and amazing chat features, this app started getting recognized as a chat app more prominently. 

You can have lots of messages in your chat box of Discord depending on the size of your Discord app. 

You will receive hundreds and thousands of messages in your Discord app. You must be fed up with having lots of messages. So, here you want to remove the chat history to get rid of these unwanted chats. We are here to help you in this regard. Read the full article to know the complete process and different alternative ways to remove these messages. 

What type of Text Messages are there in Discord?

There are two types of Text messages in the Discord App. 

Direct Message (DM)

A direct message is a private conversation between two individuals. 

Channel Message (CM)

Channel Message is a type of text chat that is shared in the group through a particular channel. 

There are different rules and regulations for every message working in different several ways. 

In the beginning, one of the problems faced by administrators of the Discord app was that they had to delete the bulk of messages within the native User Interface. It generated a problem with the Discord database as a huge number of admins deleted all the messages simultaneously. So, this functionality was removed from the native UI. It is still possible to remove all the messages from your chat history. 

How to delete Chat History in Discord-Direct Message in Discord


Although, it is not possible to delete messages completely from your chat history. You can hide the messages you want. You just have to open the conversation you need to delete. Then you can tap on “X” to disappear all the messages of this conversation. However, the message stays in the Discord server and the other person’s chat panel. 

You have to follow the steps mentioned below to remove the chat history of the Direct message. 

  1. First of all, click on the person with whom you had a conversation and then select “Message”.
  2. Then move over the conversation and click on the X that appears. 
  3. The conversation will be removed from your side. You need to assure that there is not any confirmation dialogue. So, no need to keep tapping “X” for the conversation you don’t want to remove. 

So, that was the procedure to remove the conversation of Direct Messages (DM). However, if you want to remove the Channel Message conversation, then you can follow the procedure described below. 

How to delete conversation of Channel Message

If you want to delete the conversation of the channel message, follow the steps mentioned below.

Manual Deletion

You can delete the channel message manually. You just need to follow the instructions mentioned below. 

  1. First of all, open the channel from where you want to delete a conversation. 
  2. Move over a 3-dots icon, tap on the icon, and then choose the “delete” option from the menu.  
  3. Then, you will see a window asking you to conform to your” selection”. 
  4. Click on the delete button. 

This method can help you to remove a few unwanted messages. However, if you want to remove a huge number of messages then obviously, it’s not going to help out. 

If you want to delete a message, you can use one of the following methods. 

Use a Discord Bot

One of the suitable methods to remove chat history is by using a Discord Bot produced to remove the chat history. There are a variety of Bots you can select, but the most popular these days is MEE6 Bot. It is quite simple to use. It is the most favorite among server admins. You need to follow the steps below to delete the chat history by using MEE6 Bot. 

  1. Log in to your Discord Server.
  2. Go to the MEE6 Website. 
  3. Select “Add to Discord
  4. Click on “Authorize”, so that the bot can work on your server.
  5. Select a suitable server. 
  6. MEE6 will ask you for permission to delete the messages. 
  7. Click on the “Authorize” button as prompted. 
  8. Allow the moderation plug-in from the MEE6 control panel. 
  9. Once MEE6 is installed, you can rely on several commands to remove messages. 
  10. Use ‘clear @username’ if you want to delete a 100 message of a specific user. Use ‘! Clear 1000’ to remove the last 1000 messages on a channel. You can change the number depending on how many messages you want to remove. But the maximum range is 1000. This is the most reliable method to delete a large number of messages so far. 


If installed MEE6 is not working appropriately to delete the messages, one of the most suitable ways to delete messages from a channel is by clone the channel. You have to create a new copy of the particular channel you want to delete the chat from, but it will not copy the old chat history on that channel. 

There are the following steps to remove messages by using this method. 

  1. Compile a list of all the bots you possess on the channel.
  2. Right-click on the channel you want to clone.
  3. Select “Clone Channel”. 
  4. Rename the cloned channel.
  5. Click on “Create Channel”. 
  6. Delete the old channel.
  7. Open the freshly cloned version and add the bot of your desire. 

Cloning a channel helps users to regenerate a channel with deleted chat history having the same setting. It is more reliable as one does not need to create a channel from scratch. All the messages will be deleted and the setting will stay the same by using this method. 


That was all about the procedures to remove chat history on Discord. If you have any further questions or queries, please let us know. Apart from that, don’t forget to give your honest feedback

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