SEO Agency in Gold Coast Vs. In-House SEO Team


Outsourcing is the new approach to achieving tasks without much struggle. Many companies are outsourcing their operation to third-party agencies for seamless working and client satisfaction. Many businesses have even doubled their revenues by generating more leads with the aid of agencies. When it comes to marketing and generating leads, SEO stands solid for every business.

Many businesses hire in-house teams, while many go for SEO agencies. No doubt, both these options have their significance and are great partners in work. The in-house team offers you all-time availability and flexibility, while SEO agencies are more competent. If you are confused between SEO agencies and the in-house team, this editorial is all you need to read.

Here you will learn how SEO agency Gold Coast are different from in-house teams. You will also learn about the pros and cons of both these options. So, let’s have a look!

In-House SEO Teams

The in-house SEO team is an internal team of businesses that dedicates its operations solely to search engine optimization and digital marketing. Their operations are completely contradictory to the mainstream operation of businesses. All individuals working in the team are liable for SEO audits, on-page and off-page optimization, and many more. Usually, members of an in-house SEO team are broadly categorized into three types. It includes:

  • SEO specialists
  • SEO manager
  • And director

However, in the case of in-house, the number of employees or team strength completely depends on the company’s needs. The size of the industry also matters. If the market is vast with many competitors, companies may need a robust team with higher strength.

SEO Agencies 

On the other hand, SEO agencies are teams of SEO experts who work in full-fledged for optimizing the websites and digital platforms of an outsourcing company. Agencies serve an extensive range of businesses irrespective of their size and niche. Working with an agency is like collaborative working, where the agency conducts audits and optimizes your sites as per your need.

Usually, SEO agencies make no compromise in delivering top rank on SERPs. It is because competition forces them to hire the best-trained SEO experts having extensive years of experience. Agencies are quite efficient in achieving quality link building and technical SEO.

Difference Between SEO Agencies and In-House Teams

The imperative difference between agencies and the in-house team is a lack of knowledge and expertise. In-house teams usually work to optimize your business in the relevant niche. This limits their work efficiency and skills as they are only aware of a definite niche. They don’t get that much exposure to combat competition in the global market.

However, in contrast, the agencies have experience working with all types of businesses and industries. They know what the right practices for a better rank to any business are. Besides, agencies also have a competitive advantage as they continuously learn while serving. Learning new practices and trends offers required skills to achieve rank for clients.

Pros and Cons of In-house SEO Team


  • In-house teams usually have greater exposure to the mainstream operations of the business they are working for. It provides them with a transparent idea about everything. Thus, they can quickly make alterations in SEO plans whenever they need.
  • Instant communication is another advantage of in-house team members. As they work in the business workplace, they can get instant approval for any action plan.
  • In-house teams are also attentive entirely on one website. It offers them time to come up with effective strategies.
  • Solid knowledge about organizational values is also something that in-house teams are complete with. It helps them clearly understand business goals.


  • The hiring of in-house staff is a tedious process
  • Full-time employees working as in-house teams are more expensive
  • The working and tasks would get completed slower as they have no one to compete with.

Pros and Cons of SEO Agency


  • Agencies are more reliable options, as they save money and time
  • There is no hassle in the hiring process
  • It offers you much flexibility in terms of work
  • Knowledge about all industries
  • Competitions let the deliver results in remarkable turnaround times
  • They also work round the clock


  • Work for too many clients
  • Communication can be tedious sometimes
  • Finding the precise agency is a hard task
  • Demands trust from businesses


In the final verdict, hiring an SEO agency would always be a greater option. Picking a reliable agency is much easier nowadays with the aid of the internet. You can also save costs and achieve competitive advantages. 

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