How a Six Sigma Lean Yellow Belt Certification Can Progress Your Career


Six Sigma, introduced by Bill Smith (a Motorola employee), is a framework for production-related organizations. Six Sigma helps the production organization operate on a set of pre-defined guidelines and use tools and techniques for the betterment of the produce or end result as well as the ultimate welfare of the organization. Below in this article, we will cover How a Six Sigma Lean Yellow Belt Certification Can Progress Your Career.

How a Six Sigma Lean Yellow Belt Certification Can Progress Your Career
How a Six Sigma Lean Yellow Belt Certification Can Progress Your Career

How a Six Sigma Lean Yellow Belt Certification Can Progress Your Career

Six Sigma has been greatly influenced by ideologies and methods of Japanese ideologists and continues to be one of the most preferred modus operandi for production organizations. It also has a slightly modified version, called Lean, which is mainly oriented to reduce steps/processes that do not add to the end quality or requirement of the product instead increase the cost of production. Whereas Six Sigma originally is oriented towards the reduction of a general reduction of wastes/defects produced in a production line of an organization. Both of the frameworks nevertheless ensure the high quality of the end result/product.

Details about the Six Sigma yellow belt certification:-

Prerequisite: – There is no specific prerequisite for yellow belt certification.

Cost of the examination: – The Six Sigma yellow belt certification examination costs about INR 15, 000 per applicant.

The certification caters to candidates aiming to become project heads, team leads, supervisors, project managers, etc. 

Syllabus for lean Six Sigma yellow belt training:- The course to be studied for passing the certification examination of Six Sigma yellow belt focuses on the following concepts:-

  • General lean Six Sigma principles and methodologies. 
  • LSS project features
  • Tools and techniques of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Team roles
  • Project selection criteria
  • Root cause analysis
  • Value stream mapping
  • 5S
  • Visual tools
  • VOC or the Voice of the Customer
  • Fishbone diagrams, etc.

Benefits of the yellow belt for an organization:-

  • It is the entry-level certification of Six Sigma. Individuals certified with a yellow belt are expected to have the basic knowledge of Six Sigma and its applicability to the management of the industry.
  • Yellow belt certified persons can actually be posted to any cadre and thus help in the preaching and teaching of Six Sigma and its concepts to the junior or their subordinates.

What benefits does the candidate have?

  • They get to learn the basics of Six Sigma.
  • Their personality is developed.
  • The chances of their getting hired are increased.
  • They are preferred non – certified individuals/employees whatever the case may be.
  • The respect a certified individual gets is always admirable.
  • Six Sigma techniques can also be used in the day-to-day of an individual to make the chores and activities easier and faster thus cutting downtime and efficiency loss for the candidate. Thus the candidate can devote the time and energy thus saved to more beneficial studies/activities/family and friends, etc.

Salary of a yellow belt certified employee: – The minimum average salary of a yellow belt certified individual is approximately USD $ 83, 000 per year as per a survey done in 2016.

The job posts a yellow belt certified individual can acquire are:-

  • Supply chain manager
  • Technical support manager
  • Business process analyst
  • Service manager
  • Quality improvement specialist
  • Business optimization specialist
  • Continuous improvement manager
  • Quality project manager, etc.

Renowned organizations hiring individuals with Six Sigma yellow belt certification are:-

  • HP
  • Molex
  • Concentric corporation
  • HSBC
  • Accenture
  • IBM
  • Piedmont natural gas
  • Panasonic, etc.

Six Sigma is the ideology that can be applied to various kinds of organizations and not only product-oriented industries with the help of skilled professionals and experts. Thus the organizations are on a continuous lookout for better, sincere, certified, and trained officials to recruit. Six Sigma offers certification in its methodologies and techniques under the levels such as green belt, black belt, yellow belt, master belt, etc. Of these, the Six Sigma yellow belt certification is based on the basics of Six Sigma and thus is applicable to several posts worldwide in many organizations. The career options after obtaining yellow belt certification are mentioned above.

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