How Students Can Write an APA Essay in Google Docs


As a student, you’ll have to write dozens of papers during your academic years. However, writing is only the tip of an iceberg because you’ll have to research your topic, analyze information, structure your text properly, and format your essay according to a professor’s requirements. Traditionally, teachers ask students to use the MLA, Chicago, or APA formatting style. Today, we’ll focus on the last variant and explain to you how to write an APA essay in Google docs.
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What You Need to Know About the APA Style

Students and professional college essay writers use the APA or American Psychological Association style to write papers in different disciplines, including Linguistics, Sociology, Economics, etc. APA style requires a writer to stick to specific rules concerning fonts, headers, and references. Since you may find it hard to keep all these rules in your mind, you can ask an experienced essay writer to write a paper for you. But if you decide to cope with a writing assignment on your own, remember the following APA format rules:

  • Your text should be double-spaced. Besides, you don’t have to separate paragraphs with spaces.
  • Use Times New Roman 12pt, Arial 11pt, Calibri 11pt, or Georgia 11pt fonts.
  • Apply 1-inch margins to your document.
  • A header should include your name and a page number.
  • Write your name, institution, and the title of your essay on a title page.
  • A half-inch indentation is required for the APA style in Google docs.
  • A reference page will include the list of sources you’ve used during research. Place it after the body text.

You can find the APA format template in Google docs and use it for your essay. Visit the “File” section, press “New,” scroll down to the “Education” section, and choose APA formatting style. Although it’s a convenient solution to select this option, the Google docs APA template may include unnecessary sections, such as “Results” and “Methodology.” So, you can set the APA format on your own.

Guidelines on Writing in APA Format

Many people find it hard to cope with the Google docs settings. That’s why we created a simple guide to help you apply the APA format to your essay and get an A-grade.

1. Title page

A title page is the first page of your essay. As we’ve mentioned earlier, a title page must include your name, institution, and the topic of your essay. Keep in mind that you also have to write a professor’s name and date.

2. Table of contents

The APA format doesn’t require students to add a table of contents to their essays. However, if your professor wants you to provide a table of contents, you’ll have to follow their instructions. Traditionally, a list of points is placed somewhere between a title page and an introduction. Write the name of the section “Contents” above the list of headings. Page numbers should also be included. And order essays with best service online and experience the freedom of studying effortlessly and unhurriedly! Save time and energy by hiring our copywriting experts.

3. Page numbers

According to the APA format style rules, page numbers are placed above the text in the right corner. Moreover, it’s necessary to place page numbers everywhere, including a title page, table of contents, and appendices. You should use the same font type and size as for the entire text.

4. Fonts

You’ll easily change the font in your Google doc. Find a list of fonts on a toolbar above your document. Choose the preferred font and set the appropriate size.

5. Margins

Enter the section “File” on the toolbar of a Google doc. Choose the “Page setup” tab and press “Whole document” in the new window. Set margins to 1 inch.

6. Spacing

If you need to set spacing characteristics in Google docs, it’s necessary to press “Format” on the toolbar. Find the “Line spacing” section and pick an appropriate option. APA format requires writers to present double-spaced texts.

7. References

The list of references is placed after the main text of your essay. However, if you plan to add some appendices, you should bear in mind that the reference page goes first. This section will include all the sources you’ve mentioned and cited in your paper. Write the name of the section at the top of a page. The word “References” should be placed in the center. The next line will contain your first citation. Remember that you have to list references in alphabetical order. Press “Format” and find “Indentation options” to apply 0.5 indentation characteristics.

The Best Way to Write a Flawless Essay

If the APA format requirements confuse you, it’s better to ask for professional help to write a paper. You can hire an experienced writer who specializes in your discipline and knows everything about different formatting styles. They’ll follow your requirements and get the work done for you. Besides, many writing services offer essay writer free options, including a title page and revision. So, if you find errors in the received paper, you can ask an author to check and improve your essay.

A professional writer will help you write an essay on any subject. Besides, they aren’t afraid of hard work. They love to accept challenges, research complicated topics, search for intriguing information, and present new problem solutions. Don’t give up if you have to write an essay quickly but don’t know anything about a subject. You can send a request to a professional writing service, and a manager will do their best to find a writer who can write a paper urgently.

The APA format is widely used by college and university students. However, it may be hard to figure out how to apply this formatting style in Google docs. You can use the APA style template in Google docs, but it may contain unnecessary sections. So, you can follow our guidelines to format and structure your essay. However, if you want to be sure your paper is flawless, ask for professional assistance at the essay writing service. An experienced writer will write a brilliant paper for you. Use this essay as an example to write academic papers in the future and learn how to become a better essay writer.

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