Top 5 best Litanswers alternatives 2020


Top 5 best Litanswers alternatives

Litanswer is not working?

Here is a list of 5 lit answer alternatives 2020. Litanswers website was got some popularity when text sheet was shut down. Although, the original Textsheet website is undercover as it was hit by DMCA for copying the content from other websites and from Chegg.

As text sheet was shut down, litanswers got popularity and became a popular website in no time. This is a fabulous website for finding answers to the questions. As text sheet was given notice by DMCA, the lit answer is also given notice and now it is not working.

Both websites were using Chegg’s content and also of course hero. As an illegal activity, both these websites are shut down.

People are now looking for free websites like these two as these both are shut down. Here in this article, we will tell you about some websites that are alternatives to this website.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go:


Best Litanswers alternatives

Here are some websites below that are alternatives to Litanswers and are free. Some are paid also. But all of these are the fantastic and best website to study on.

  1. Slader

Most of the students are using this website to resolve their issues. On this site, you can find thousands of step by step solutions to thousands of books. You can scan textbook bar code here on slader and can search for your textbook and search for your answers too.

You can get answers for multiple subjects like maths, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, world history, US history, European history and Spanish as well.

Features of Slader
  • Free of cost
  • It has an application for both IOS and android.
  • There are millions of solved textbook solutions in its database.
  1. CourseHero

You can access 30 million course study material on course hero and it is one of the best alternatives to litasnwers. It will access you in solving your assignments and also finding your textbook solutions as well.

If you are frustrated, then just open this website and it will help you in solving your homework. Just ask the question here and click on the subject button and after that click on the submit button. Your answer will be ready in 15 minutes.

Features of Course Hero
  • It gives you step by step solution.
  • Expert teachers
  • The fast and easy answer
  • It has an application for both android and IOS users.

You need to subscribe $9.95 per month on this website and to take free access you have to upload your documents on it that must be study-related. Once you get a free pass, you can search for all the study material on it in the library. You can find practice tests, videos, guides and class notes and all other details explanation on it and f totally free of cost for any subject.

  1. Spark Notes

It is the best website for finding all the solutions about all the subjects and the best alternative to the litanswer. You can get sample test, essays and translation of Shakespeare on this website.

Spark Notes are founded by a Harvard student Sam Yagan. It was established in 1999 and got in 2001 by Barnes and Noble. Its application is available for both IOS and android.


Features of Spark Notes
  • No ads
  • Full access on just go button
  • The dark mode is available and you can customize its size as well.
  • Quiz yourself on it.
  1. Crazy for study

It is also the best alternative to litanswer. It fulfils all the needs of any student in any subject and any course. It makes problems easily understandable for the students. The user interfaces are very attractive and the services which this website provides are the best.

This website serves the students who want help in their daily homework and subject’s problem. The best thing is that it provides step by step solution to the students according to the textbook order.

It has a wide range of subjects like finance, marketing, biology, accounts, social science, chemistry, economics and physics etc.

Features of Crazy for study
  • It has step by step solution for 50 million textbooks.
  • Subscription for $3 per month
  • You can ask 50 questions monthly free of cost on it
  1. Chegg

It has a variety of solutions and you can consult some expert if your homework id tricky. You can get easy and quick help that is real though. It is also available on Google play store.

It has a wide range of subjects like maths, business, physics, engineering, chemistry, and many other subjects.  You can get help up to 80 subjects and many others.

Features of Chegg
  • Experts help available 24/7
  • Get a quick answer
  • It contains videos that guide you to solve more precisely

You are required to sign up and pay the subscription. It is monthly and when it ends, it renews itself automatically.


Above are some alternatives to the litanswer. There are alternatives that fit best and much according to your need. We hope this article has provided you with enough data to cope up with your academic problems online. This era is of technology and online learning is improving day by day. The above-mentioned websites would help you in your academic career and would be beneficial to all the subjects and provide you with an easy solution to the problems.

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