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Most people are probably enticed by the sleek design and popularity of iOS devices and while these are valid reasons to own an iPhone, it essentially does not mean that iOS devices are overall better than Android devices. below in this article, we will cover the 

One major line of argument is that Android devices have an awfully poor camera quality while iOS devices have a better camera quality. This might be true in some cases but it all depends on the type of android device in question. 

While many may not exactly complain about camera quality if they made use of a flagship product like the Samsung Galaxy S10+ or the Google Pixel 5 android devices as these have better camera quality on par with iOS devices There are quite a few areas where iOS arguably edges out Android OS, especially in terms of privacy and security, but whether iOS is better than Android OS in security is still hotly debatable especially with Google’s Android 11 and 12 new security settings upgrade. 

iOS might win in some arenas amidst the overall instances – at least for now because it uses a closed ecosystem that is harder to penetrate, and the iOS Apple store is stricter than Google’s play store. However, below are some reasons why the Android OS might be better than its iOS counterpart.

Operating System

Operating System

Usually, one disadvantage of the Android operating system is how slow it was considered to be and how easily bogged down it becomes when the users are using multiple apps. But recent Android OS upgrades like the Google Android 11 which comes with 30 APIs and the eagerly anticipated Android 12 make usage of android devices a lot easier. Like this, if you want to know more details about the latest android devices with updated versions you can go and find out Emma Builds site. It is best to choose the best smartphone. Android 11 has an additional Application Programming Interface (API) which improves how apps communicate with each other and therefore increases the phone’s speed making it extremely fast to use. 

In fact, android lovers can try out the Samsung Galaxy S21 on Android 11 and compare it with the latest iPhone device to test for processing speed. The latest Android OS offers users several customization options which allow the users to customize their devices in any manner they want it. More so, the last crisps of android OS enable the user to customize their device while they can equally hide less useful apps like these help in power-saving and less data consumption. 

Also, the android widgets are a lot easier to access and are more useful than Apple’s with Android automatically recommending a few widgets at the top of the page that it thinks the user is likely to use for easier access options.  Android 12 home screens are a lot cooler now, especially with the new large digital clock that comes with the upgrade. In fact, with easier functionality and accessibility, android devices are quite acceptable to all ages, but nothing of such can be guaranteed for iOS devices.  Google Play Store over iPhone App Store App developers and users will both certainly vote for Android’s Google Play Store over iPhone’s App Store. 

From a developer’s point of view, getting your app accepted by Google Play Store isn’t such a difficult process as long as you meet preliminary requirements.  Though many of the developers will frown at developing apps for the androids device because of the numerous considerations because the android device is way too many than developing for iOS devices which are very limited   However, the chance of Google Play Store rejecting app is lower compared to the iOS App store’s strict menace, thereby easing developers’ frustration and they can experiment more often.

This reference the fact that Android users will find more interesting apps on its platform than the iOS devices, In addition, several cooler games and sports betting apps can be found on the Play Store but iPhone betting app are few because of Apple’s security policies which ban online gaming apps that just wrap their website code into an app. Although this means better security, however, it also fewer options for customers.

Personal Voice Assistant 

This is an argument the Android OS will always win. When comparing the voice Assistant Platform of the two operating systems’ devices. Each device subscriber could easily find out why Google Assistant is generally thought to be smarter than Siri another added advantage is that Google Assistant has always been designed to work offline while the iOS subscribers can only use Siri while online, but the iOS users will need to upgrade their iPhone to iOS 15 to enjoy this feature. 

Google Voice Assistant is well known to give more precise and informative answers to questions. As an android, try asking the Google Assistant to solve a task using the web and you’ll be surprised at how nearly accurate the answers will be.  According to a survey carried out, about 100 questions were put up to the three main personal assistants; Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. Google answered 75% of the questions correctly while Siri could only answer about 57% correctly.

This certainly references the best voice assistance that any smartphone or mobile device subscribers could rely on. Though, there have been arguments on which operating system is the best the iOS. But, generally, the arguments for which Operating System is better depends on the type of manufacturer’s product the user is using.  So to enjoy Android’s full benefits, one should switch to the latest smartphone devices that can accommodate the latest android software.


Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now.

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