5 Top Tablets for College Students in 2020-2021


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Tablets for College Students
Tablets for College Students

What kind of tablet does a student need? Well, it depends on the intents of a student. A careless one will like the power to run lots of games. A responsible student will appreciate a good screen for reading. A creative student needs a tablet with a good camera and software to process the photos and draw pictures. Independently from the tasks, the top tablet should be:

  • Cheap or with an excellent price-quality ratio. Students have got much to pay for and not so many ways to make money—every saved penny matters. At the same time, it must not be one-day trash with a weak battery and poor options.
  • The tablet must perform a lot of tasks without losing quality. Almost every student will interact with different, sometimes powerful applications. It must be able to open everything from photoshop and CorelDraw to video editing applications and modern games. 
  • A good student’s tablet must show good ergonomics: it must not be big, heavy, and massive.

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Apple iPad Pro 11

Maybe, it is the most powerful tablet of 2020. It sets the maximal rank of quality that cannot be beaten by any competitors. The most remarkable feature – new A12X Bionic processor that lets a user play the most powerful games and run all the media editors. What is more, the gap of power will be enough for a couple of further years of progress. With the additional accessories (keyboard and stylus), one can use the tablet in a more usual “laptop” format. 

The whole line of iPad Pro has got powerful frontal cameras. They solve all the actual problems with remote jobs and education. Well, the main camera did not do bad as well – it can record in modern 4K format. 


  • The most powerful tablet. It can solve all the possible tasks with ease.
  • Huge gap for the future – the tablet will not become out of date for a couple of years.
  • Traditionally excellent hardware and the best software optimization make it very convenient to use. 


  • The price of around a thousand dollars makes it barely affordable for the majority of students.
  • The high price leads to another problem: the high risk of a tablet being stolen. Though there are lots of anti-robbery apps, it will be frustrating. 


If you can afford this tablet, take it without a minute of delay. It does not matter what kind of student you are. IPad Pro 11 will be your best personal assistant both in education and entertainment. 

Huawei MatePad Pro

This tablet is the brightest evidence of Apple and Samsung losing their leading positions on the market. To cut a long story short, if you would like an iPad with Android – it is a choice of yours. The tablet uses the same 7-nm technology processor as the iPad. Kirin-990 is able to ensure the power and workability of games and media applications. 

The maximal abilities of the tablet are revealed with a magnetic keyboard and a stylus. With them, a student can both type long lections and make good drawings. This tablet has got another feature for those who have got used to laptops: a special regime that imitates the OS Windows desktop. 


  • The tablet shows excellent design, a good screen, and sound quality. 
  • The price is high but not as high as Apple’s tablet has. The prices for accessories are significantly lower. 


  • Huawei has got problems with Google services. There are no pre-installed applications from this producer. A special mode that allows the installation or other tablets is required.
  • The memory card standard is not usual – NM. Probably, you’ll have to make another purchase if you need extra memory capacity. 


Despite lower productivity and other problems, MatePad still remains a good alternative for iPad Pro. The price/quality ratio is among the best on the market. It can be a good assistant in education. 

Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

It is an ideal variant for those who want a cheap but powerful tablet. Its configuration is optimal for being an educational tablet or a device for web surfing and watching movies. The producer has installed a powerful (5100 mA/h) battery and gave a tablet a metal covering. However, the biggest advantage is the price – it is around $200-$250. 


  • The price is the smallest for the tablet with mediocre features.
  • The battery should be enough for the whole day of active work.


  • The tablet is not designed for running powerful games and applications. 


This small and cheap tablet is the best variant for a small budget. It must be your choice if you need nothing but an interactive book or instant Internet access. 

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

It is another tablet in the low-price category Minimalistic design, small but powerful screen, and a relatively powerful battery for such a small tablet make it a remarkable student’s choice. 


  • The size and weight of a tablet make it ideal for students carrying lots of books.
  • The price is affordable for everyone.


  • Do not expect something huge from a tablet. Use it for Internet surfing and reading.


It is another low-budget tablet that can be good for educational purposes. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab A T585

This tablet has everything for a long and qualitative time. A pretty powerful processor allows running games and some multimedia editors. The battery of 7300 mA/h capacity ensures up to 15 hours of working.


  • It is powerful enough for full educational tasks.
  • The price is not that high.


  • The tablet has reached the gap of requirements of some applications.
  • It might be challenging to find it in the stores.


It is a good choice for those who need power but it is not ready to pay much.

Keep our top by hand when you choose your tablet for academic needs. Here, you will find everything independently from your education needs and budget.


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