7 Amazing Benefits of Playing Video Games

7 Amazing Benefits of Playing Video Games
Benefits of Playing Video Games

There are many parents who consider video games to be the root of all evil. They even go as far as to blame it for making their children unproductive. But what they don’t know is how beneficial these games can be for their kids. Yes, you read that right! Video games actually offer multiple benefits to both children and adults. For instance, it can help them develop problem-solving skills. These games can also reduce their stress levels significantly. 

You see, the video games of today are much more challenging and complex. It requires kids to think hard and develop different strategies to advance to the next level. And when they do that, it lets them develop the habit of thinking out of the box. At the same time, their cognitive abilities strengthen. With that said, let’s now look at the various benefits that one can obtain from playing video games. 

1. Improves Manual Dexterity 

Console games can be great for your hands. A study was also conducted by a group of researchers and surgeons who found out that those people who played video games are much faster when it comes to performing advanced procedures. You will also find it interesting to know that special video games have been designed as physical therapy for stroke victims so they may regain control of their wrists and hands. 

2. Sharpens Social Skills 

Video games are helpful in sharpening social skills. Research has discovered that children who play video games not just built a good relationship with other students but also performed better academically. This is all because some video games feature a social or collaborative component that helps them interact with others. Also, such games let them develop their skill as a team leader. This means that they will have no problems with working in teams. 

3. Makes You A Good Problem Solver

Mission-based and open-world games are usually designed like a complex puzzle that may take some significant time to solve. And sometimes, the solution depends on the decisions you make in the video game. This can help an individual understand that their actions will have consequences. Also, it allows them to learn how to think on their feet. A study has revealed that those children who played strategy-based games became better at problem-solving skills and were able to garner good grades in school. 

4. Helps with Your Vision 

This may come as a surprise to some but playing video games can actually improve your vision. However, this doesn’t mean that it will still help if you keep staring at the screen for 10 hours at a stretch. In a study, 10 male, non-gamers were selected who were trained to play first-person action games for 30 hours. They were then tested against 10 guys who also were not gamers. The study found out that those who played the game were able to find the objects more clearly and that too in clustered spaces. These individuals somehow trained their minds to look out for smaller details. 

5. Improves Mental Health 

Video games can actually have a positive impact on your mental health. According to a study, some games can really easily switch your mood and relieve you from stress while making your heart rhythms better. Due to how effortlessly these games can take you away from your worries and suck you into their own virtual world, there is no wonder why they are used in therapy. 

6. Inspires You to Be Persistent

One of the most important benefits of video games is that it encourages you not to give up. Sure, it becomes really frustrating when you cannot defeat a boss, solve a puzzle, or get to the next stage but the curiosity of what the game might throw your way if you proceed keeps one trying. This is what helps individuals to stay always persistent with their efforts. It makes them more confident, allowing them to keep working towards their goal until they achieve it. They learn from their mistakes. And try to improve themselves every step along the way.


Video games are not really harmful as some parents perceive them to be. If anything, they are extremely beneficial. And after reading some of the perks discussed above, it will become clear just how important it is for children to spend some time playing games. Also, some of the games will require an internet connection to work. This is why I, after checking the Spectrum internet prices, opted for their service so that my kid can play video games without any hassle. You can too opt for a decent ISP if you often face troubles with your internet connection. 

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