How Are You Supposed to Sit in a Gaming Chair?


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Gamers spend a lot of time on their PCs trying to win big in their gaming activities. Considering the long gaming sessions, gamers need to learn the importance of adhering to a correct sitting posture. There is a lot of content online explaining the correct sitting posture while in a gaming station. However, most people ignore such information, and they end up developing severe in their body parts. 

How are you supposed to sit in a gaming chair? After purchasing the best gaming chair, that is not the end of everything. You should learn how to sit on that particular chair the right way. In our discussion today, readers will get the limelight on sitting the correct way in a gaming chair. 

How Are You Supposed to Sit in a Gaming Chair?

For a time, healthcare workers have tried to create awareness about maintaining a good sitting posture. However, whichever the best way you sit, breaking between sessions is paramount. This not only breaks the boredom between sessions but also prevents you from developing health problems. So, how are you supposed to sit in a gaming chair? Let’s look at a few tips that will help you learn the right sitting posture in a gaming chair. 

First, when you take on a sitting posture in alert positions, it’s paramount your mind about your feet. The feet should land or rest on the floor. Make adjustments to the height of your chair until you achieve this. Adhering to this helps to minimize the stress that develops in the body.

Next, mind about your spine when using gaming chairs. The spine should fall on the backrest lines. Mostly, this might turn out challenging to other people, and they just relax so long as their shoulders obtain comfort. However, you need to do your best if you don’t need to develop any health problems. Lean until you feel the full support of the backrest. Make adjustments to the chair as well as your sitting position until you achieve maximum support. This is the best way of reducing the chances of developing pain points in the backside of your body.

Another essential part to consider is your elbows. Ensure the elbows fall at 90 degrees to the PC. Attaining such an angle might be a challenge to many. However, you must try adjusting to something nearest to that angle. Whenever there is somehow little tension, then still you need to make further adjustments.

There needs to be space between the knees and where you sit. Space should be so big in this case. If you have a deep gaming chair, then you need to change your sitting position. You can choose a slightly relaxed position to attain excellent comfort throughout your gaming session.

When sitting on your chair, ensure the buttocks and your backs touch the back end. Since other chairs are too deep, others might find it challenging to do it. However, it’s important to try that since that is a way of obtaining a healthy and straight posture. Most people forget about this. They slouch after some time, and they don’t set themselves back. Therefore, be careful about this; every time you confirm you are at a point, you have maximum comfort. 

Most people tilt their heads to the PC screen while busy enjoying a gaming session. Such instances give rise to a neck issue referred to as neck creep. The problem develops due to a lot of stress on your back and the neck region. Therefore, always practice staying steady to avoid continuous tilting. If this sounds like a stressful issue, you can make adjustments to the screen and viewing angle. Ensure your computer screen remains at eye level to avoid putting stress on your back and neck region.

When you are using a gaming chair, you will find it easy to prop the feet. This is something normal, and others might develop it as a habit. The perching or propping habit is tempting, and this can crane your body forward. Such behavior can take your body of alignment. However, you can purchase a comfortable chair that doesn’t encourage perching instances.

Above all, giving yourself a break is paramount. After an hour session, just stand up and rest. Get up and indulge yourself in a few exercises and stretching. This will help not only provide you a good posture but also prevents users from developing muscle problems. 

Adjusting Your Gaming PC Setup

Gamers should employ relaxed positions that cause less strain to their bodies. This is the only way to reduce the likelihood of developing problems like backaches and neck aches after a session. Below, we enlighten readers about the steps of adjusting a gaming PC setup to enable you to attain a good posture.

Finding an Ideal Seating Height 

You should first do this when you need to spend a lot of time in a gaming station. In this case, you will look at the floor distance to the surface below the kneecap.

The Feet Should Land on the Floor

A comfortable posture requires an individual to sit while the feet rest freely on the floor. The knees at a right angle, and if your chair is high, place a box to put your legs on.

Monitor Height

Ensure the eyes rest at 1/3 of the screen. If you lack the means of making adjustments, you can consider attaching it on a stand. Likewise, stack books under so that you can raise them.


So, how are you supposed to sit in a gaming chair? Our discussion has provided you with hints about the best ways to sit while in a gaming station. Ensure you make possible adjustments that will give you the comfort you need. Employ the right sitting posture to take your gaming experience to the top.


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