Best 30 Second Explainer Video Examples


Shorter videos— ones that last 30 seconds or less — may be the most potent, but least used weapons in a company’s marketing armory as marketing teams change from utilizing video as a component of their marketing strategy to the marketing plan.

Why are 30-second explanatory videos so popular?

When you need to provide a clear message in the smallest amount of time, 30-second explainer films are very beneficial in internet advertising. They’re useful when you want to grab a prospective customer’s attention, create strong brand connotations, and arouse intense interest in your organization.

Shorter films are typically simpler to create, can be advertised in more areas, and have greater engagement, conversion, and completion rates than lengthier movies, which is unusual.

In fact, the average 30-second video is seen 85 percent of the time, but the typical 2-minute video is only watched 50 percent of the time.

In a 30-second explanation film, how many words are there?

Most customers, particularly those creating their first explainer video, misjudge the duration of their scripts. Given that a video should be 30 seconds long, they may provide us a screenplay draft on one page of a Word document. A 30-second explainer video script, on the other hand, should not exceed 75-80 words in length.

This quantity of words, when told at a reasonable tempo, is ideal for a voice artist to deliver in a 30-second explainer video review.

So, why aren’t all businesses focusing on 30-second explanatory videos?

The swiss army knife of marketing tactics is the 30 second explainer videos.

To help you come up with ideas for your next short film, we’ve created a list of the finest explainer videos under 30 seconds. Grab some popcorn and sit back, but don’t get too comfy since these videos will be over in a flash:


For Aspiration, a mobile banking service for investment, philanthropy, and retirement savings, Explain Ninja developed an animated explainer film. It accurately depicts the system of this platform in about 30 seconds. The animations and color schemes are excellent, as they usually are with this team, and they create a setting in the film that piques interest in the goods.


This Instapay explanation is an excellent illustration of how a lot of information can be packed into a small period of time. The explainer quickly identifies the issue that the audience is facing while also directly addressing their intended audience.

In only 30 seconds, the video describes the procedure step by step and provides a wealth of knowledge! They might have made it more difficult by going into detail about their company’s operations or costs and timeliness, but instead, they stick to the essentials and answer the most important questions. This demonstrates that no matter how long your explainer video is, you can still provide a lot of information.

The explainer concludes with a clear call to action, as well as a solid bargain, piqueing the audience’s interest in learning more and getting a more in-depth look at the organization. 


Sound can make or break a video in several cases. Sounds like waves and quietly clanking ice cubes are used in the Nespresso video to soothe the viewer.

Its absence of narration adds to its simplicity and allows it to operate in areas without audio, such as trade fair booths and social media news feeds.

Trace Solutions

From the outset of this Trace Solutions explainer, they outline a range of difficulties that their audience suffers. They then proceed to give a variety of options.

This is one of those films where you can’t believe it’s just 30 seconds long since it conveys so much information in such a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

If your explanation also contains a strong call to action and next actions for your viewers, they will know precisely where and how to receive additional information if they still have questions after watching your 30 second video. 

American Express Gold

This video is perfect for running as a paid YouTube ad since it starts with a flash of the American Express Gold card logo. Even if YouTube viewers choose to ignore the ad (and hence Amex is not compensated for broadcasting it), American Express still benefits from free promotion.

The film itself is kept fresh and intriguing by frequent scene changes. 


Don’t you believe you can do a lot in 30 seconds? With the aid of great images and an engaging voice-over, all of the explainers above are terrific examples of how your brand can get across any crucial point in 30 seconds or less.

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