The Best Mobile Game Engines of 2021 will let you create a Smash hit from Scratch


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Let’s talk about mobile game engines today. Find out which ones are better for developing your game from scratch in the article below.

Smartphone, PC, and console game creation is quite different. If only due of the differences in technological requirements, input/output devices, and distribution channels. ” A single game can’t be made for many platforms at once, but we’ll discuss this in more detail later. Meanwhile, let’s have a look at the platform features before moving on to the engines.

Mobile devices

  1. When using a touchscreen to enter and output data, make sure fingers don’t get in the way of critical interface components.
  2. To play with one or two hands, smartphones and tablets should be ergonomically designed. Great for simple games like match-3, hidden object, interactive storytelling, etc., but not so ideal for shooter games.
  3. RAM and graphics memory are typically mixed due to their limitations. Monitoring them, removing unneeded resources, and texturing and compressing the sound (using compressed formats) are all important.
  4. Restrictions on the graphics. Shaders like those in Crysis are possible, but they will be painfully sluggish on a mobile device like an iPhone or an Android device.
  5. Frequent packet loss and ping times of 200 milliseconds are usual. This has to be taken into mind while playing video games online.
  6. Distribution via retail establishments (App Store, Google Play, Amazon). For example, you’ll need help with the shopping API and social media integrations.
  7. If you’re designing for Android, you’ll need to consider a wide range of devices with varying specifications.

First, the “mature” engines. You may work on many platforms at once, and many necessary tools are available. Not to worry, the list was developed taking into account newbie accessibility, public training materials, well-published games on the engine, and affordability.


With Unity, you can develop 2D and 3D projects with equal ease. The Asset Store offers a large variety of pre-made materials, including models, textures, animations, and whole projects. As an example, think of a zombie shooter. You may find a wide range of materials for studying Unity, from those published by Unity itself to those made by third-party enthusiasts on YouTube (we will tell you more in the next article of the cycle). There are a plethora of plugins for displaying adverts and making in-app purchases.

Using C #, it has a lower risk of shooting itself in the knee compared to C ++. In addition to JavaScript, which is UnityScript, we support JavaScript. It is possible to create games without writing any code if you are too lazy or lack the requisite competence. If you do decide to purchase it, you could expect to pay about $45.

Is there any engine that can’t produce stunning visuals? Only Unity has this issue by default. A new Rendering Pipeline feature in the most current version of the engine allows for AAA-quality graphics.

In order to use the engine for free, the developer must generate less than $100,000 per year from the game. Without a membership, you’ll have to pay, although that’s not a big problem.

Unreal Engine

The engine’s user base has risen rapidly in recent months thanks to Epic Games’ sponsorship. An Unreal Engine conference, webcast, and many meetings were held this year.

In order to produce aesthetically appealing games, a Platform is a useful tool for PC and console game developers. Unreal Engine is used in several mobile games, the most prominent of which being Fortnite and PUBG. Examples include Infinity Blade, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Life Is Strange.

C++ is the language of development. However, there is a remedy to this – blueprints. A game may be made without writing any code with their help in principle. This substantially speeds up the prototyping process. The Unreal Engine Marketplace also offers pre-made models, music, and whole games.

It is said that Unreal Engine is superior to Unity in terms of visuals. To be honest, all they are is different kinds of engines. Despite this, the default particles and post-effects in Unreal Engine are still more aesthetically attractive.

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