4 Ways to Use PowerPoint for Business


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Whether the goal is to present to company executives, launch a new product/service, participate in a crowdfunding event, or pitch to an angel investor, a presentation always sits at the epicenter. When it comes to delivering a killer presentation that not only engages the audience but also motivates them to avail of your services, your presentation is much more than a collection of slides.

In this post, we will talk about four different ways through which you can utilize PowerPoint presentations to achieve business goals.

1. Elevator Pitches:

An elevator pitch is minimalistic yet one of the most important interpretations of services & products you offer. Often people confuse an elevator pitch for a quick sales pitch. Well, there is much more to it! Companies can leverage PowerPoint to create captivating elevator pitches that are well-crafted, quick, and speech-designed to sell a certain service, product, or yourself!

You can also consider using state-of-the-art and business-friendly PowerPoint templates that make it easy for you to create stunning slides. If created right, a short slide deck highlighting your services/products, target market, revenue projections, competitors, and what makes you different can be a game-changer. An elevator pitch deck is important since it answers questions about you like what you do, what is the problem you intend to address, and what the solution is! Hence, PowerPoint can help you create a quick, versatile, and information slide deck that can help you go places.

2. Storytelling Presentations:

Whether the goal is to persuade, educate or inform the audience, a PowerPoint presentation plays an imperative role. However, as important as valuable content or beautiful graphics are for a presentation, so is effective storytelling. You can create captivating and highly-engaging storytelling presentations in PowerPoint that woo your audience and drive them to action. Presenters must note that a good narrative taps quickly into the minds of the audience. Hence, if the goal is to make the audience empathize beyond facts or figures, storytelling is the key to success.

It doesn’t matter how dry the content or data is! If you can help your audience connect dots with effective storytelling, you can ensure a compelling action from the viewers. For instance, while launching a new product, rather than talking solely about features or capabilities, talk your audience through how the product came to existence, what was the idea behind it, how it helps the world, and so on. It is only then the audience feels more connected to the product.

3. Roadmap Presentations:

For organizations of any scale, a business roadmap is one of the most important documents that provide direction to meet short-term & long-term business goals. You can create effective roadmap presentations for your business that vividly highlights the company’s vision, mission, and plans across different growth stages. A roadmap presentation helps all the stakeholders in the company understand key goals, potential objectives, ensure transparent communication, etc.

You can use a compelling PowerPoint org chart template, loop in all the participants across the organization, and create an effective business roadmap. Presenters can leverage PowerPoint to create a roadmap slide deck that has the potential to transform an organization’s vision into reality. Business owners must note that the purpose of the roadmap is to visualize a lucid and transparent plan across the company. If done right, the roadmap presentation can define scope, objectives, timeline while keeping all the members on the same page.

4. Information and Reporting Presentations:

The 21st century is driven by revolutionary technologies where Big Data is the new oil. With that, comes critical business reports into the picture. There is no denying that business reports have become a significant part of business meetings regardless of a company’s size or industry. Business presentations allow professionals to analyze the company’s performance, keep a check on overall business health and identify key areas for improvement and growth.

With the help of PowerPoint, you can create information and reporting presentations such as SWOT, PESTEL, Five Forces and perform out-of-the-box data reporting and analysis. Hence, reporting presentations are an important tool to infer vital insights and make data-driven decisions. Management can also make efficient decisions in terms of spending, investments, growth, and profits. Business presentation reports can also help a company with marketing plans, future forecasts, budget planning, and several other use-cases.

Wrapping It Up:

There is no denying that PowerPoint is a powerful tool to create presentations that cast a lasting impression on the audience. A well-thought and beautifully-designed presentation can be a deciding factor between a missed opportunity or a closed business opportunity. The presentation types discussed in this article can help you create business presentations, reach out to particular audiences, and transition the organization towards success.

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