The 5 Best Cloud Data Storage Services to Protect Your Private Data


Cloud Data Storage Services

To make pictures, text documents, and other files accessible from any gadget, you can use an external drive or put everything in the cloud. It doesn’t matter if you keep the information on the web repository: it doesn’t matter if the operating system suddenly crashed, the hard drive broke or the user just bought a new laptop: everything will remain in such a service for storing data. But there are many clouds on the Internet, and it is difficult to choose the most suitable one. To help – a selection prepared by our cloud testing service team, from 5 reliable and convenient services with the ability to save data for free.

1. Dropbox

The cloud is available to users of almost all popular operating systems. Inexpensive service for storing a variety of files entered the ranking not only because of its versatility: it has other positive qualities.

Why advise:

  • It is installed not only on Windows but also on all other systems.
  • Stores information with 256-bit AES and SSL encryption. In addition to the fact that access links are password-protected, they also have temporary restrictions.
  • You can use a USB key to increase storage security.
  • Excellent synchronization: judging by the reviews, it does not lag, so you can access data in the cloud service from any gadget.
  • Integration with 365 office from Microsoft.
  • No limit on data recovery and log.

2. Google Drive

A convenient option for storing various files that can be shared with other users. Google Drive is one of the most secure and convenient services.

How good:

  • Suitable for storing text and audio files, photos, pictures, videos. Supports 30 types of different formats.
  • In the paid version, you can store heavy data: the weight of 1 file – a maximum of 5 TB.
  • Not tied to a CERTAIN OS.
  • 3 levels of access: for viewing, commenting, editing. Opens both to individuals and by link.

3. Microsoft OneDrive

Virtual storage and file sharing, launched in 2007, are suitable for those who use Microsoft services. Inexpensive cost is not the only plus of clouds.

Overview of the main features:

  • Built-in Office 365. With Live OneDrive, you can create, edit, and save files such as Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word.
  • Just use and sort the data: files are decomposed into folders.
  • The function of viewing images in the form of thumbnails or slide shows.

Minus: at first they gave 15 GB for free, now – 5 GB.

4. iCloud Drive

Information internet safe FROMApple, installed on all “apple” gadgets: you just need to create an account. You can also use the storage on a PC.

Why recommend:

  • 128-bit AES and SSL encryption are responsible for the security of information stored in the cloud.
  • Easy synchronization and user-friendly interface. The service is integrated into the Finder application on macOS. Documents created with I work are also stored in the cloud.
  • There is also an official client for Windows: it is convenient if you have to use different devices.

5. Mega

Promising cloud file sharer from Kim Dotcom – a company known worldwide for the brainchild of Megaupload. PRO service responds well, not only due to the generosity of the creators (more on this later), but also due to other pleasant features.

Why did you get in the rating:

  • The interface with Drag & Drop support – the ability to drag and drop files, support for the Russian language – provides ease of use.
  • Versatility – the application is available for all popular operating systems, including mobile.
  • Security – AES algorithm encrypts all content directly in the browser. You can access the files without the consent of the owner.

Each included in this list storage service reliably protects information, easy to use. Which option to choose – depends on the required volume and personal preferences. For example, if you need as much space as possible, you can stop at Mega: compared to other cloud storage, it gives a record volume without donuts and other purchases. Need maximum emphasis on encryption? PCloud is suitable, and if you want to implement it in as many applications as possible, then – an option from Google. It is also important to note that the versions you want to buy are usually better protected.

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