How do Facebook Ads help in gaining Real Instagram Followers?


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Real Instagram Followers

Facebook ads are a legal way to purchase organic Instagram followers. Once you know how to use them, you can build your audience.

If you haven’t ever thought of getting followers by running Facebook Ad campaigns, then you are at the right place. For those who wish to increase their Insta followers with ads, you need perfect campaign settings and sufficient data.

Followers optimization is a Facebook Ads strategy for those who want to grow their followers on Instagram. Read on to know about this phenomenon more deeply.

The method is just to help you gain real followers on Instagram and not boost your sales, clicks, or conversions.

Benefits of having organic followers to your social media marketing strategy:

  • An engaging audience
  • Promotion of your recent launch
  • Boost in sales
  • Drive engaged traffic to your site
  • Enhance credibility
  • Launch new ideas to your audience
  • Find about your target audience and the content they prefer
  • Monetize your audience
  • Great remarketing

Why are real Instagram followers important?

You can gain fake Instagram followers through several methods, but doing so will hamper your brand image and business in the long run.

Though gaining real followers is pretty slow, its benefits are commendable. Speaking about audience data, discovering your loyal audience is time-taking and would need a lot of effort.

Fake followers are bots which lead to expected behavioral patterns that can be recognized by Instagram algorithms instantly. Fake followers can worsen your engagement rates and lower your chance of getting real Instagram followers in the future.

So, if you want a long-lasting business, then choose organic followers as fake followers may affect your ability to create interaction with others.

Gain Real Instagram Followers by means of Facebook Ads

Some of the pre-requisites for the success of this method are:

  • An active Facebook ad account or Business Manager Account
  • Instagram Business account along as well as a Facebook Page
  • Installed pixel
  • Good number of followers on Instagram

At present, you don’t have any setting to allow you to use Facebook Ads to get real Instagram followers, however, it may change in the future.

Procedure to acquire real Instagram followers by means of Facebook Ads:

  • Make Instagram Page Custom Audience

Begin by selecting the Audience-tab in your ad account. Tap on Create Audience, Custom Audience, and select Instagram Business Profile.

There are 4 options to select from. Because you want to increase your followers, you should choose “Anyone who visited your business profile”.

The greater data you collect to your Instagram business profile via advertising, the higher are your chances for optimization.

  • Create Instagram Business Profile Duplicate Audiences

Tap on Create Audience and select “Lookalike Audience”. Choose the previously chosen Instagram business custom audience and then select the audience selection.

It is the location of the audience you want your ads to show to. If your target nation has a big population go for 1% lookalike and if the population is low, you can choose a higher percentage.

  • Create Facebook Ads Campaign

Reach to Ads Manager and tap on Create.

To create a Campaign Objective, select “Traffic”. Give a name to your campaign and create an ad set from the menu.

Make sure you enable Campaign Budget Optimization and draft a budget and about how much you can spend daily on the ads.

  • Modifying Ad Set Settings

Provide it a name. Ensure to select “website” in the Traffic section. Edit the beginning and end dates.

For A/B testing the results, you can create several ad sets with different beginning and end dates and compare the results.

The next step is to select lookalike audience in the “Custom Audiences” field. Change the location in the audience section.

You don’t need to change the age, gender, and interest tabs. The Facebook Algorithm and lookalike audience will give you the best users to connect with.

  • Ad Set Placement

Enable the “manual placement” and select Instagram placement. It is suggested to test one placement at a time to know what’s really working for you. For instance, you can create ad sets for all Instagram placements.

For better optimization, select “Link Clicks” and not anything else.

  • Create Instagram based ads

Give your ad a name and choose the right Facebook page and Instagram account chosen in the Identify tab.

Copy the URL of your Instagram profile and place it in the Website URL location. Selecting a video or picture would be good to convert the audience to followers.

Publish the ad and commence optimizing for performance.

  • Track performance of the Followers

Keep a track of the metrics. Always know how many clicks you are getting and their cost to calculate your advertising cost.

You can also use Instagram Insights to measure your total reach and impression of your advertisements. Assess the total number of followers and compare it to the final count of the followers. Then divide your ad cost by the gained followers to gain the metrics cost per follower.

Keep a track of the followers’ counts as conversions in this method. If testing, use new ads and ad sets and focus on how the results can be improved and you can get more Instagram followers.

Make sure you check your Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics to know if you are gaining traffic from Instagram ads.

  • Better results and A/B tests

The higher data from the Instagram profile visitors and more precision in the lookalike audiences will help you maximize your traffic to the profile.

For an efficient A/B test of your ads, you should run one ad only as tracking followers with multiple live ads is difficult.

Tip for A/B testing:

  • Run a single ad for 5 days
  • Switch it off
  • Make new test ad
  • Run it for 5 more days
  • Analyze the performance of both and find out which one did better

Perform three tests prior to scaling ad spend towards the preferred ads. The aim is to discover the cost of followers you want to spend on.

When using new lookalikes, make sure you test to find out if the new audience performs better than the previous ones.


Keep a check on the new updates for Facebook ads as it will boost your chances of getting real Instagram followers.

In the coming time, there will be a campaign setting to advertise to get Instagram followers and analyze the conversions and mix pixel code with it. But as of now, this is the only way to do it.

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