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Get these clubs in Golf Clash upgrading guide

A player must have all the tools and equipment of a game to play and it is worthy and more amazing if you have all the tools to play especially in the golf clash.

There are a lot of people who got a new club and waste many of their coins to upgrade them just to find out that they aren’t in a better position which they supposed to be in.

There is no time to waste regretting on wasting the coins, the clubs you select should be good enough for you.

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In this article, we will help in selecting and upgrading the right clubs and it is specific in the case when you are waiting to unlock any desired or specific club. Here is a better strategy that will assist you in doing that.

We promise you that this guide is going to help you in saving coins and will not leave you at a weaker point.

This is the updated guide with the recent balancing changes to the clubs.

Upgrading Clubs in Golf Clash

The simplest way is to keep playing with the clubs that you are given early in the start of the game and wait for a better one but it is boring and won’t work as you wish.

It is difficult for you to clear Tour 6+ without upgrading to the so many clubs. So upgrading to the right clubs is the best strategy to get the clubs of your dreams.

Go through the list below and you will understand better now.

How to Max out clubs faster

Many of the players wanted to max out one specific club exclusively, extra are the better options for you because it would be helpful to you to utilize in Tour 9.

It is available in the beginning. That’s why playing a low tour will have a much higher chance to drop cards for the club and it is a good strategy.

But no, you should not play lower tours to get the specific club cards. Playing on these tours will take much time than the higher tours and provides you with low cards and coins and in result, your progress will be slowed down.

These are your best clubs in Golf Clash

There is a list below that will help you in selecting and understanding the clubs better and you will get to know that the ranking will help you in understanding the strategy better.

If you are going to join one of the following clubs then you might be able to upgrade and use your golf bag.

  1. Best Drivers

You might get the extra mile in the early time in the Golf clash and it has a huge range so anyone can upgrade and invest until you will be able to get Thor’s Hammer or Apocalypse. If you are on level 7 then it is best for you but it depends on how long you take to reach there or you might need an additional upgrade if you see that you are unable to compete with the opponents you have.

Thor’s Hammer is far better than the extra mile and if you get it quite early and you can swap until you are able to get Apocalypse. You can easily get the Thor’s Hammer in Tour 6 if Apocalypse is your goal and it can be available in tour 7. If your other clubs are updated then you will not face difficulty in beating in tour 6 then you can think about the skipping Thor’s hammer and get the Apocalypse directly.

Here, Apocalypse is the driver that you will finally be going for the outstanding range and precision.

  1. Best Woods

In tour 2, you can unlock the viper and it is an excellent driver wood and you can upgrade and use it until you get the sniper in tour 6. Likewise you will also need big dawg as well because there are many holes which are especially in the tournaments so you will hit long-range and the viper is not a good option to give you the specific range.

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This is a very long way to go but ignore the other woods you unlock along the way and stick to the viper for some other reason. The sniper is a very good option but you will need to upgrade it on level 9 to make its stats that will catch u with the other woods so you will play viper and upgrading it now would not be beneficial for you.

  1. Best short Irons

All the short irons in the beginner tours in Golf Clash are not worthy to a dime so only upgrade it when you are in difficulty because upgrading it otherwise will mean that you are wasting your time and coins as well.

Best short irons in Golf Clash

The first-ever short iron that you will be able to get is Thorn and you will be able to get it in the level 4 and it keeps working with the Hornet. Hornet is very accurate and precise but Thorn is also a good option for you because it is handy and easy to use. Thorn has amazing backspin you will also come into the situations where you can use it in the tournaments and you should not ignore it and keep the level up.

Update: by the recent update of the kingfisher, you can also take it against Hornet, but if you are working already in the hornet then there is no need to change it.

  1. Best Long Iron

Best Long Iron
Best Long Iron

There is only 3 best long iron that is solid while the others are not worthy as others and it is totally waste of time and the coins.

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Golf Clash Best long iron

You will start getting the Goliath and this will be the long iron you will use for quite some time until you get your hands on enough cards for the Backbone. The Goliath will still be viable because of the distance for you but the Backbone simply has the better accuracy that you really need in many situations, especially when approaching the pin in tournaments. End-game player then will start going for the Saturn because of the additional spin and curl that is useful but for me, the Backbone will be one of your oldest friends in your bag in Golf Clash

  1. Best Wedges

Best Wedges

It is too simple to understand that you easily get the dart club in the beginning early and it will carry you as a wedge through the tours up to 7 tours.

From here the skewer will be a better option and is also a good option that will help you in carry your game till the end. We also suggest you take dart on the maxed and wait until unlocking the Rapier which is going to the wedge for everyone t tour 10+.

  1. Best rough iron

When we talk about the rough irons, the choices are not looking very well in Golf Clash. The Rough cutter is the first “real” Rough Iron you will get and probably use until hitting Tour 7 or Tour 8. I don’t like the other ones actually so don’t mess around here.

Golf Clash best rough iron

After that, the Razor will become a very solid option and probably the Rough Iron you want to keep. If you want to save some coins you can also keep the Rough cutter and skip the way until you have access to the Nirvana, the Rough Iron usually is being used by everyone in Tour 9+.

  1. Best sand wedges

You will get Malibu in the tour 3, you will not mind the sand wedges, a very solid sand wedge. It doesn’t have a high range like others but the accuracy is a benefit of this wedge.

Best Sand Wedges in Golf Clash

At the end of it, you will go for the spitfire, but this will be able to unlock in tour 7 and it takes a long time so the Malibu is the best sand wedges for almost 99% of the people who are playing Golf Clash.

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The best clubs are those which are helpful in unlocking the higher tours. It is a fact and nothing is a surprise. There is a good thing that the clubs that you got earlier in the game will serve you and will keep serving you get new ones at higher tours. If you are committed to the above plans then you are having solid clubs that will help you on road to unlock the best clubs for each and every category and will save your coins as well. We hope that this article will be useful to your readers.

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