How Tall Should Your Gaming Chair Be?

How Tall Should Your Gaming Chair
How Tall Should Your Gaming Chair

A proper posture is the idea behind long gaming sessions and winning over those expert gamers. For the fulfilment of proper postures during the gaming sessions, you need to employ an excellent chair offering maximum comfort. Now, gaming chair manufacturers design products of varying sizes. They also design extra-large options to cater to the needs of the big-bodied guys.

The height also matters when selecting a gaming chair that provides you with optimal comfort. Our discussion herein covers ideas of the height of the chair to consider when selecting a gaming chair. Remember, the body requires full support during gaming sessions.

How Tall Should Your Gaming Chair Be?

In the purchasing process of a gaming chair, you have followed into details the features of the chair you need. Now, you close the deal and transport it to your home. The next task awaiting you is syncing the armrest and seat height with that of the desk you intend to use. My Esport Chair says your feet should lie flat to the ground or floor while seated on the chair. Nevertheless, armrests need to align roughly with your desk’s height to get maximum comfort.

As we get deeper into the discussion, you will realize that your desk height also plays a role. We have several adult-sized desks in the market than other size options. Adult desks mostly measure between 26 and 30 inches. However, taller and shorter people won’t fit into these desks. They need to make adjustments to the height to get their experience high.

When we talk about the right height for a gaming chair, this aspect depends more on the right angles. Remember that the elbows and knees should rest at right angles with the body. Let’s gain more into the right tallness of a gaming chair.

When constructing gaming chairs, manufacturers classify gamers into four height groups. Let’s look at the classifications further to enable having clear guidance of what to purchase.

Short People

The population of short people is low in the world. These are those individuals measuring below 5’2”. Approximately, the total population of short people is below 5%.


This is the height of boys and girls growing up. Most of the almost-average people are in their teenage stage. This category comprises people with heights of between 5’2” and 5’10”.

Average Height

This is where most of the world population lives. It’s also the height you will find for most gamers all over. Over 50% of the world fall into this category and they measure between 5’10” and 6’2”.

Tall People

Just as the population of short people, we don’t have such a big number of tall individuals. Actually, these people measure 6’2” and above. The world population of tall people is at 5% or lower.

Before purchasing a comfortable gaming chair, you need to improve your height since it contributes greatly herein. Another thing prospective buyers should understand in this concept how to determine the height of a gaming chair.

In the description of chairs out there, few options have their heights indicated on them. However, don’t ignore it whenever you don’t find the information. If not indicated on the product, then probably you will find it at the fine print. The instruction manuals as well carry information for reference purposes. But then, don’t expect the manufacturer to indicate the total height of the chair. It’s only in a few options you get such information. Now chip into the real idea of the heights of gaming chairs.

Chair Heights for Short Guys

When talking about short, we mean guys below 5’2”. Since we have a low population of short people, finding chairs that fits them isn’t easy. Actually, these people fit comfortably in chairs designed with heights of below 42 inches. However, where will you find such a chair surely?

Here, the short people will only find the kids gaming chair and transform them for use. Most kids gaming chairs get designed with 40 inches height. But you can adjust them three inches upwards and downwards to get a height that accommodates you.

Chair Height for Almost-Average People

In these categories, at least we have several varieties that will accommodate them comfortably. First, remember these are boys and girls with a height of between 5’2” and 5’10”. For these people, chairs designed with heights of between 42 and 48 inches can fit them comfortably.

Even though we have a variety of chairs accommodating these categories, still making selections here is hectic. These people grow fast and others just end up somewhere in their growing process. They end up choosing too big or small chairs in this case.

Nevertheless, an individual’s weight matters a lot. Remember these chairs get designed to allow adjustments of three inches up and down. People under this height category should therefore look for chairs with a maximum support weight of between 250 and 300 lbs.

Gaming Chair for Average People

In the world, this is where most people fit. Over 50% of the world population comprises people of average height. Pretty much of the gaming chairs get constructed for average height people. You will find a variety of these chairs all over to cater to the hind demand we have.

Still, the chairs made for average guys can fit taller individuals. They only require little adjustments to fit their height. When sitting on your chair, experts advise people to ensure their feet lie flat on the ground or floor. In addition, the elbows and knees should rest at right angles.


Gamers need to remain comfortable and relaxed while busy mixing things to win over their games. A comfortable chair provides you with all it entails to get gaming experiences beyond expectations. The height of a gaming chair matters a lot to what you expect as results. Remember, you need excellent support for the entire body, not just the legs. Purchase a chair that matches your height to enjoy a lifetime experience.

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