How to earn gold in World of Warcraft


Although gold in WoW, both in the current version and in Burning Crusade, is not a particularly important currency (you cannot buy the best equipment and weapons for it), nevertheless, gold in large quantities may be required for consumable items for dungeons and raids, leveling craft professions, as well as to buy a token (exclusively in the Shadowlands add-on, payment for a subscription for a token is not available in the classic versions of the game).

Next will be told how to make money in World of Warcraft. Methods are mainly suitable for the Burning Crusade expansion, but some methods can be applied to other versions of the game.

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Earnings on daily tasks

Each version of the game, with the exception of WoW Classic, has daily quests. Each of these tasks is available once a day, so you can earn gold on them indefinitely (until the next expansion is released). Characters who give out such quests are marked with a blue exclamation point, depending on the complexity of a particular quest, the reward can vary dramatically.

Earnings in extractive professions

A popular solution for players to earn gold is to take two mining professions (eg Skinning and Mining). Although this choice has the obvious disadvantage of being unable to make unique equipment that is not obtainable in other ways, the two mining professions have a number of advantages:

  1. Mining professions level up very quickly and cheaply, since you don’t need to spend rare resources on leveling them, and you don’t need to learn expensive recipes from trainers. It is enough just to engage in gathering and only occasionally visit a professional trainer.
  2. Resources, unlike finished items, are always needed. Even if the resources do not sell well through the auction, they can be sold well to ordinary merchants. Also, when new dungeons and raids are opened, “crafted” items of equipment usually drop in price a lot, this does not happen with resources for professions.
  3. You can earn money immediately after taking a profession, without pumping it even by one, although the income will be insignificant.

For these reasons, mining professions are a good choice for earning gold.

Earnings in manufacturing professions

Although it is more difficult to earn money in manufacturing professions than in extractive ones (and significantly), it is still possible. But in order to earn money in mining professions, you will need to fulfill a number of conditions:

  1. A fully developed profession. Items created by low-level recipes are not needed by anyone, and they will not be profitable to sell. And when selling to a merchant, it will not even be possible to recapture the resources and ingredients spent on the creation.
  2. Availability of rare recipes for epic items of equipment. Such recipes fall only in high-level dungeons and raids, so not everyone can knock them out. But the rarity of recipes only increases the price for which a finished item can be sold. The more rare recipes you have, and the more of them you have, the higher your earnings will be.

Only if these conditions are met, it will be possible to earn money from producing professions, before that they will only absorb gold on an industrial scale.

Complete available tasks

To level up to the maximum level in all versions of World of Warcraft, you do not need to complete absolutely all available quests. Therefore, after reaching the maximum level, a huge number of tasks remain available to the character, and completing them at the maximum level will lead to additional benefits, since upon reaching this level, instead of experience, the character begins to receive additional gold.

Also, for completing tasks, you can get additional resources and good items of entry-level equipment. But you should not complete too low-level tasks, they will not give a lot of gold for them.

In the current version of the game, all tasks are initially displayed on the map. In Burning Crusade, you will need to install a third-party add-on to display tasks.

Use the auction

It is not recommended to immediately sell all the items received in the game to merchants. Often items from monsters (with the exception of items of gray quality) at the auction are several orders of magnitude more expensive than they can be sold to a merchant. You can start using the auction even from the very first levels, even low-level items, at least something, will cost at the auction.

For more convenient work with the auction, it is recommended to install a special add-on (eg Auctionator). Although it’s not worth selling everything at auction, in some cases it will be more profitable to sell the item to merchants, since it will be too low at auction.

You should not try to sell “gray” quality items (with a gray name) through the auction. Such items are trash, are not needed for professions, and are simply useless. Gray items should be immediately carried to merchants.

Visit the dungeons

In the dungeons, you can get good equipment and rare resources that are much more difficult or impossible to get in the open world. But it is worth going into the dungeon with a well-prepared group, otherwise, the losses can become much greater than the income.


In World of Warcraft, earning gold is fairly easy. Unlike more hardcore MMOs, there won’t be many money problems here.

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