All the Important Information that you Need to Know about Getting the Leading SAFe Certification


SAFe Certification

The leading SAFe certification is an important certificate to have if you’re a part of a lean-agile enterprise. The agile framework has come into the market in the recent past and has been used by almost all big firms. Since they use agile they need people who are knowledgeable with scrum and SAFe. If you’re looking forward to leading agile transformation then you should get leading SAFe training. This article provides you with all the important details about the certification that you should know before applying for the job. 

The leading SAFe certification widens your skills and knowledge and opens up various job opportunities for you in the industry. SAFe stands for Scaled Agile Framework and it is the most widely used agile approach that is used by companies nowadays according to a recent survey. Leading SAFe training is very important for you if you want a good career and job opportunities by big companies that pay high salaries. KnowledgeHut provides a wide range of courses and Leading SAFe is one of them. This article has important details that you need to know about this course.

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The benefits of taking the leading SAFe training course that is provided by KnowledgeHut

  • The certification that you’ll receive at the end of the completion of this course will be a globally acclaimed certificate by the scaled agile incorporation. This gives you the benefit of applying for a job anywhere in the world using this certificate
  • You’ll learn the fundamentals first so that you have an idea about agile methods before you move on to advanced stuff. The basics include lean-agile, product development flow, scaled agile framework, etc.
  • You’ll be taught how to scale lean and agile development in the enterprise by applying the values of SAFe and using a lean-agile mindset
  • You’ll learn how to scale agile across multiple teams because experiential learning along with workshops and teamwork would be provided to you so that you can learn how to face real-world challenges and act effectively for the company 
  • You’ll learn how to recognize and use lean-agile principles and methods and become a lean-thinking manager
  • You’ll be trained by a highly trained SAFe program consultant so that you can effectively lead agile transformation
  • In just a time limit of two days, you’ll earn up to 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs
  • You’ll be able to maximize the value to support PI planning and events during program execution through integration, deployment, and release.
  • The exam fee is included in the course fee so that you don’t have to pay any extra money later on when attending the exam
  • After receiving this certification lean would be added to your portfolio and you’ll be able to apply lean-agile principles to SAFe and become an effective leader for the company’s growth
  • KnowledgeHut is a gold SPCT partner of the scaled agile incorporation

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