3 Ways to Make Your Sales Call Script More Authentic


While reading from a script can lead to a lot of wrong first impressions, you can still use a well-written sales script as a tool to prepare for the pitch and answer any complex questions of the client during the sales pitch.

A communication experience has to be authentic and natural to be effective. Your sales scripts must not be taken as repeatable, word-for-word checklists or rigid with no room for change. Here are three ways you can make your sales script more engaging and authentic to get the maximum number of clients on board:

1. Practice Your Opening

The first few minutes of a sales call pave the path to retain the customer’s interest and make the first impression. Starting your sales call with a quick and concise introduction can establish the personal connection between you and the prospect. After a short introduction, communicate the purpose of the conversation to ensure that you both are on the same page. This leads to a smooth and natural-sounding dialogue. 

A good way to start can be by asking engaging questions that highlight the problem-solving aspect of your product and service. This will leave a lasting impression and ignite curiosity in the prospect’s mind.

2. Manage Your Pace and Tone

In the world of sales calls, your voice is your most essential tool. For an impactful phone conversation, the focus should be placed on the significance of our natural voice as it makes a pitch sound more humanistic and builds credibility.

After preparing your script, perform it yourself and record it on your phone. Listening to it repeatedly will help you analyze your weak points, including the lack of a persuasive tone, which can help you become more confident in what you say. 

The more you fine-tune your voice before the call, the better you perform on the sales call. Using the right tone and altering the pace throughout the call will keep you from sounding phony, and therefore, your conversations will look raw and unscripted.

3. Embrace the Awkward Silence

Babbling is always disliked by sales managers, as it reduces the credibility of your say and makes the customer lose interest. An obvious sign of nervousness is speaking unnecessarily fast, which further leads to your voice breaking. 

A relaxed tone and taking a few deep breaths during your sales call will prevent you from speaking unnecessarily and conveying your message in a cohesive and sophisticated manner. 

If your lead takes a few extra minutes to answer a question or think about any potential questions to ask you, do not panic or rush to fill in the gaps of the conversation. If a prospect is taking some time to respond, it means they are seriously thinking about your product and intend to engage with it. 


In the world of digitalization and everything going online, calling your potential customers is undoubtedly one of the most personal ways of generating leads for your business. Still, calls with strangers can be intimidating, and scripted phone calls can quickly become an awkward experience for both. The above tips will ensure that your conversations are more raw and natural. You can also get an idea by reviewing a sales call script drafted by experts in this field and ensure a more effective conversation with your potential customers. 

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