PC Cleaning Best Practices for Optimum Computer Performance


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Let’s be honest – dust doesn’t only make your PC look less attractive but also damages its components from the inside out. Therefore, cleaning your computer at least once a week becomes pretty crucial for you.

In this thorough guide, we will offer insights on the ideal practices and best tools for cleaning and maintaining your PC. The article will be divided into different segments for your convenience as well. Keep reading till the end!

A Guide To PC Cleaning

Although it may not seem so, the task of cleaning a PC can be pretty delicate. Hence, you have to be pretty careful while working upon it. Hopefully, the following tips can help you out a little in this regard.

Cleaning Your Keyboard 

Food, dust, liquid, etc., can get stuck underneath the keys of your keyboard. If you don’t cleanse the component from within, it may stop working correctly after some time. Here are a few tips that you can use to keep your keyboard in a well-working condition.

  • Unplug the keyboard from the port and turn it upside down. Now, gently shake it to remove dust and dirt from it.
  • Moisten a paper towel or cotton cloth in alcohol and rub it on the top of the keys to cleanse them. Avoid pouring any liquid, such as water, during the procedure.
  • A can filled with compressed air can be used to clean up between the keys. Make sure not to put any liquid or use clothes in this aspect.

Once you are done, reconnect the keyboard with your PC port and check if it’s working correctly or not.

Words Of Warning: If you end up spilling liquid on your keyboard, make sure to shut down your PC quickly. Then, turn the component upside down and let the liquid drain slowly.

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Cleaning Your Mouse 

Usually, you can find two different types of mice in the market – mechanical and optical. While it’s possible to clean them in the same manner, you’ll need to work a little more on the former option.

  • An optical mouse usually does not require any internal maintenance. However, they can get a little sticky over time due to dust build-up near the emitter. So, make sure to clean them at least once a month by using a cloth moistened in alcohol.
  • For a mechanical mouse, you have to remove the tracking ball by turning the ring counter-clockwise. Now, clean both the ball and the inside of the mouse separately. Make sure to keep it outside at least for an hour to dry up properly.

Cleaning Your Monitor 

Dust, dirt, and fingertips can make it difficult for your computer screen to read aptly. However, unlike the previous parts, cleaning your monitor is pretty straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide for you!

  • Turn your PC off and unplug the monitor from the power source.
  • Now, use a soft piece of cloth, moisten it with water, and wipe the monitor clean.
  • Let it dry for about an hour before plugging it in again.

Words Of Warning: Avoid using a glass cleaner to clean your monitor. Also, try not to spray any liquid onto the screen directly. It might leak through the monitor and affect the internal components massively.

Cleaning The Other Surfaces Of Your Computer 

Aside from the most visible parts of your PC, you should also clear the other components from time to time. The following tips might be able to help you a little in this aspect.

  • When it comes to cleaning the computer casing, try using an anti-static cloth take care of the dust build-up. Avoid using any kind of strong solvent or furniture cleaner for it.
  • Clean the case and housing the monitor (not the screen) by spraying a mild cleaning solution. Use a paper towel in this aspect instead of going for an anti-static cloth.
  • A glass cleaner or ammonia-diluted water can be pretty safe when it comes to cleaning computer surfaces. The milder the product, the better.
  • Use a compressed air can to blow debris away from the air intake slots. You can also use the same to take care of the dust build-up inside of your CPU.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your PC cool is the best way to keep the machine well-optimized for every aspect. While working, a computer can generate quite a lot of heat. Therefore, if you stack up books, papers, and other items beside it, the machine can heat up pretty quickly. On top of physical cleaning, continuous software maintenance using a PC Cleaner app is another way to ensure optimal PC performance.

Also, when it comes to cleaning, make sure to perform the procedure at least once a month. Otherwise, the dust build-up may affect your computer’s performance massively.

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