Vice City Marketplace Features


Vice City is a new marketplace that prides itself on customer support and operational security. For 99.9% of Vice City users, this resource is interesting not because of the ability to purchase banned items, but because payments are fast enough, and the platform allows you to make final transactions in cryptocurrency.

What Is the Darknet?

To understand this, it is necessary to understand the structure of the Internet. The global network is conventionally divided into three layers:

  • Superficial, or visible. This includes publicly accessible and open web resources. That is any site that can be visited via a standard link and found in search engines.
  • Deep. Includes content that does not appear in search engines. Content from private cloud storage, corporate networks, and various closed databases are all deep web. More often than not, access to such resources is protected by a username and password.
  • Dark, darknet. This is a collective name for computer networks designed to transmit information anonymously. There are also services for trade, communication, and content exchange, but they cannot be opened in a standard browser or found in an ordinary search engine.

Transaction Volumes on Vice City

Darknet marketplace Vice City is not the first project with such specialization. The most famous was Ross Ulbricht’s Silk Road, which was organized in the United States. There were also other equally popular and interesting projects, but we are not talking about them.  Law enforcement did not work hard for anything. Gradually, despite efforts to conceal the identities of the creators, the FBI terminated Silk Road and other similar projects. This freed up the market and allowed Vice City to pick up in popularity. Today, it is worth noting, the number of users on the site is only getting bigger.

All users and active customers of various darknet marketplaces should remember one important fact. Crypto in no way provides users with anonymity (except for some specialized coins). And it certainly cannot protect the organizers from the attention of law enforcement. The story of Ross Ulbricht and his associates is another proof of that.


As recently as 2 years ago, when law enforcement was actively fighting internet sites through which drugs were sold, many argued about the “sunset” of this method of distribution of this kind of goods. However, Vice City proved that there is a future for these resources, and it is very positive. Vice City continues to make ambitious plans to enter the global market.  Once the willful decision to stop Vice City is made, no immunity and no cryptocurrency will help this project survive.

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