7 Types of YouTube Viewers: Which One Are You?


Watching endless videos online has become a hobby for many, especially at the height of the pandemic. With so many uploads, it is a little difficult to choose which one you are in the mood for. You could be in the mood for one music genre today. Tomorrow it could be food. If you liked what you watched, you can even leave a comment. However, Youtube comments not loading could be a problem. You can always subscribe to your favorite channel, and you can also click the bell so you can be kept updated. Deciding which video to watch can be difficult, but you always find yourself going back to the five videos you watched ten times last week. These videos are likely your favorite! Have you ever asked, out of the seven types of YouTube viewers, which one are you? Read on to learn more!

1. The Music Lover

One day, you will realize how much you have listened to one song when you can hear it in your sleep. You probably find yourself scrolling down your YouTube history and seeing the ten different artists’ performances.

The Music Lover has an endless history of official music videos. This type of viewer would curate videos depending on the genre and mood they have for the day. If they are in the mood to dance, there’s a playlist for that. There is one for Broadway and West End show tunes. Of course, the drama OST (original soundtrack) collection would never go missing.

This type of YouTube viewer is already happy staying in their music-filled bubble. They are open to every genre and every artist, as long as they vibe with it.

2. The Content Explorer

“Quality over quantity,” as the saying goes. This type of YouTube viewer is all about the content. It does not matter what it is. As long as it piques their interest, they will watch it. They don’t watch from just one specific channel.  

You will find the Content Explorer always scouring for something to watch. If they start gaining interest in amusement parks, you will see them searching for tours and ride POVs (point-of-view). Once they suddenly become interested in traveling overseas, you will see their search history filled with documentaries and travel vlogs (video blogs). 

Everything is fascinating to the Content Explorer. Though their adventures are only on YouTube, you bet they are itching to explore the world themselves. But for now, a 20-minute street food tour would suffice.

 3. The Avid Subscriber

There is no content this viewer lets past from a specific channel. Whatever the creator releases, the Avid Subscriber will be there to watch and comment on every video. Aside from the content, it is the creator they look forward to seeing.

The Avid Subscriber is an incredible fan. They show their support by following them on every social media platform they are on. Not only that, but they make time to promote their content too!

They don’t always claim to be the number one fan, but they do appreciate everything the creator creates. Whether they admire the YouTuber for their content or their talent, they will always be there to give them love.

 4. The Fashion Forward

Some people take “clothes make the man” seriously. After all, dressing well is how you make a good impression. Not every stylish person has the budget to buy good clothes. Some can only dream or make their own.

The Fashion Forward will watch numerous YouTube videos about anything fashion-related. This viewer likes to release creativity by watching hacks and thrift flips. This way they can make the most of the clothes they have. They also find magazine cover shoots and supermodel vlogs entertaining. Not surprisingly, they are also big fans of high-end brands and famous fashion designers, like Donatella Versace and Michael Cinco.

This viewer has an affinity for beautiful things. Seeing them on beautiful people gives them hope that they can achieve it one day, too. Luckily, they aren’t too far from achieving that dream.

 5. The Food Connoisseur

Whether it’s trying street food or going on buffet tours, the Food Connoisseur is on the lookout. This YouTube viewer will watch food vloggers eating at a restaurant for the first time. They will also stream mukbang to see people eat massive food portions. Better yet, they will try out new recipes while watching a tutorial.

The Food Connoisseur doesn’t deny their love for food. Pairing food and substituting ingredients is the best this viewer can do due to limited access. Their tastebuds have gone on more adventures than their feet ever could. This viewer will also search for vloggers who went to her future travel destination to list down their recommended restaurants.

They understand how a meal connects people. Their knowledge of good food is beyond what anyone can imagine. The Food Connoisseur knows that good food feeds the mind and the soul, too.

 6. The Education Sensation

“Knowledge is power,” and no one knows it best than the Education Sensation. This viewer will watch documentaries for fun. They don’t watch just to be entertained. They want to learn too! 

The best thing about YouTube is its accessibility. It quenches the Education Sensation’s thirst for knowledge. They can watch cuisine origins to cultural differences. If you give them enough time, they will watch the rise and fall of history’s biggest empires. They are not afraid to learn in whatever setting they are put into.

This viewer is like a sponge – they absorb information fast. They will jump to different playlists just to know how the dictator’s rule ended. Don’t be surprised that they have two tabs open: one for YouTube, the other for a news article.

 7. The Child-Friendly

Their search history is filled with nursery rhymes. The Child-Friendly viewer isn’t doing this for themselves, but the children they are surrounded with. Though they don’t want to admit it, they like it too.

Their playlist includes exclusive cartoon content. When the children are asleep, they play classical music for brain formation. The Child-Friendly viewer is also the type to research educational shows when the kids are not around.

This viewer also takes things a step further by installing YouTube Kids instead. Though the Child-Friendly would prefer to watch something else, they keep that aside. They prioritize the children more. 


YouTube is an app and a website that lets you access millions of videos online. You can watch anything with just a search and a click because it’s quick, easy, and entertaining. Avid watchers tend to like and comment on videos too! It’s a good way to reach out to the content creator.  

As a viewer, you can always suggest new materials. What you watch is not anyone else’s business. It should not matter what type of viewer you are. You can be a mix of two or be all seven. Visit CellularNews.com, don’t miss out on YouTube updates!

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