10 Best and Popular Science Channels on Youtube 


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10 Best and Popular Science Channels on Youtube 

10 Best and Popular Science Channels on Youtube: While many choose YouTube to get themselves entertained from their most favorite YouTubers. Apart from entertainment, Youtube has been a great source of learning. Top science Youtubers bring a lot of valuable information regarding different science like biology, chemistry, physics, and other science as well.

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From discovering the potentialities of self-regenerating materials to explaining the finer lines of gamma-ray bursts. Science YouTubers are making the process of learning more fascinating by incorporating interesting ideas to make the learning process easier for everyone.  Although every science channel can access scientific experimentation differently.

All of the best science YouTube channels have one thing in common: They’re telling the individuals from the internet world how the learning process can be learned. With the help of such channels, you can improve your studies at school and achieve academic success in college.

If you want to explore knowledge then we suggest you some interesting Youtube channels where you can get your desired content. 

  • VSauce

It has over 15.6 million subscribers, VSauce is one of the Popular Science channels on Youtube and science YouTuber. His traditional tone and easily understood examples make complicated scientific concepts convenient to understand. One can easily grasp the concept from these examples. Vsauce presents questions about our planet, how our brain works, and also about how humans evolved in a current form. 

Most of Vsauce’s videos only consist of theoretical parts, deal with larger concepts. He walks audiences through what would happen if everyone on Earth jumped at once, what would happen if the sun disappeared, how fast dark travels, and much more.

The fact that Michael Stevens, the person who created the channel. It possesses over 15.6 million subscribers and talks for itself. Michael began the VSauce channel in 2010, and since that time, he has achieved the trust of millions all over the world. You must be thankful to him for his easy to understand and informative videos.

If you are interested in math, physics, cosmos, astrology, and all kinds of other types of things. Then. You must go and watch this channel. Michael will give you answers to questions like – what’s the brightest thing in the universe, what if the sun disappeared, 

  • Smartereveryday

Apart from having its 8 Million followers, Engineer Destin Sandlin makes science look amazing and fun-loving. Along with videos on explosions, archery, space, and more, Sandlin is trying to teach viewers something amazing with science in every video. On the SmarterEveryDay channel, science is not just theoretical. It is all around us, and Sandlin specializes in pointing it out and explaining it in simple terms. It gives you a wonderful experience of learning. 

  • Today I Found Out

Today I Found Out is precisely what the title says – every day the site provides a fresh, refreshing fact you must have not been aware of before. The channel has over 2.25 million subscribers and posts short, interesting and splashy content. 

Simon Whistler, the channel’s host, assures that his videos are an amalgamation of entertainment and education. If you’d like to discover why you cannot mix different blood types. if Beethoven was really deaf when he composed some of his best pieces of music, sit back, and enjoy. 


This channel contains 9.28 Million followers on Youtube. Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown are bringing science to the huge number of people weekly with videos that answer daily routines such as, “Is Binge Watching Bad For You?” and “What If All The Ice Melted On Earth?” AsapSCIENCE breaks down scientific concepts into understandable explanations for audiences employing drawn animations. 

ASAP Science is characterized by unique short science videos with cool explanations that just seem like drawings on a whiteboard. You get extremely easy explanations on anything relevant to the human body and brain, all in brief ten-minute videos that are updated a couple of times a month.

  • Veritasium

This Popular Science channel on Youtube has 6.89 Million followers on Youtube. YouTuber Derek Muller’s Veritasium channel lives under the tagline, “An element of truth.” However, Veritasium is a fictitious element (derived from “veritas,” Latin for “truth”), Muller’s channel is full of truthful analyses of astonishing scientific topics. Such as hydrodynamic levitation and quantum entanglement. Veritasium is actually the perfect place to challenge one’s mind to better understand the most astounding corners of science.

If you are interested in psychology, physics, space, chemistry, and much more. This channel with almost seven million subscribers will certainly keep you busy. There are new videos posted weekly, and if you happen to speak Spanish and you want to practice it too, then this channel is also available in Spanish!

  • Minute Physics

This Popular Science Channels on Youtube has 5 Million followers. One Minute Physics, entropy, time, astronomy, quantum teleportation, and also the mathematical impossibility of raindrops are all fair game. The channel creator Henry Reich breaks down physics and more. And also some of his most popular videos are animations explaining parallel universes and string theory. Along with Schrödinger’s Cat and the Grandfather Paradox.

  • SciShow

This Popular Science Channels on Youtube has 6.2 Million followers on youtube. Hank Green is one-half of the YouTube famous Vlogbrothers duo but puts his scientific knowledge and talent for communicating with audiences to SciShow. On SciShow, Green is joined by fellow hosts Michael Aranda and Olivia Gordon. Because they investigate slime mold, superpower genes, and the science of booze. With videos almost every day, there is always something new to learn on SciShow.

One of the most popular YouTube channels that are dedicated to science, SciShow has over six million followers hooked on interesting scientific secrets. For instance, do you know about the animal that cannot breathe oxygen? Or that we may finally have reached at the end of the road with physics?

These interesting videos last no longer than 15 minutes, with new ones posted every day. So why not join Hank, Olivia, and Michael and enjoy scientific adventures explained in a fun and simple way?

  • National Geographic 

National Geographic does not need any introduction. It is the most popular informative channel around the world. Almost 14 million people follow this channel on YouTube, and you should, as well.

You should check out the about section to see the posting schedule and also follow your favorite topics. The NG channel provides you with all you have ever wanted to know about exploration, science, and also an adventure. From bird watching to stories about the cosmos, from brain games to Bear Grylls’ survival adventures. Whatever you choose, you will spend your free time learning new and also useful information about the natural world.

  • Science Channel

As the channel name indicates, it covers everything regarding science, almost anything you can even think about. It possesses 3.27 Million followers and popular Science Channels on Youtube. Do you want to know about Mars? Check. How about learning the secrets of the underwater world? Check. Street science and also your favorite science myths decoded? Check!

You can also learn all about different scientific exploration, earth science, new technologies, outer space, and many other interesting facts. The channel has over three million subscribers and also posts around two new videos per week. Are we alone in the universe? Can you barricade a door with furniture? Check the Science Channel to find out!


This channel has 3.21 Million followers. It is Okay To Be Smart is all about embracing the Inquisitive nature within all of us to discover more about our world. Joe Hanson, Ph.D. creates videos weekly through PBS Digital Studios and also brings audiences closer to science with everything from The Physics of Space Battles to The Science of Game of Thrones along with a host of more practical topics in between. 


That’s all about the most popular Youtube channels. I hope you guys like this Popular Science channel on Youtube article and find it helpful to you. Give us your honest feedback on it. Apart from that, let us help you solve any queries via the comment section. 



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