What do you know about the 844 Code Scam?


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What do you know about the 844 Code Scam? 

844 Code Scam: If you have ever encountered a telephone call from an 844 Code Scammer pretending to be someone from your bank or any financial institute having your personal bank information. Most probably, it might be a call from a scammer asking for money by using smart tactics. In this article, we will let you know how to avoid such manipulative scammers. You must take some important precautionary measures to avoid this builshit.

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Such scammers victimize innocent people by getting their bank information like debit card numbers and even the security information of their bank. They may ask for a fine or late fee varying from hundreds to thousands of dollars. 

What are the 844 numbers? 

844 is a toll-free number and can be registered easily by scammers or any enterprise. Although it can be used by genuine companies, scammers can also register it to manipulate and trap people to get money from them. We cannot be certain whether that number is used by an authentic company or a scammer. So, it is difficult to differentiate a genuine one from a scammer or a fraud. Here, you need to take some precautionary measures to avoid any financial loss. 

It is important to note that you can receive a voicemail from a non-844 number asking you to call back on 844. So, if you want to avoid any kind of inconvenience regarding any financial loss, don’t call back at 844. 

Apart from that, scammers use 844 numbers and pretend to be a genuine person like a lawyer, bank employees, or maybe a police officer. Their motive is to receive important information regarding their bank details like debit card or bank account information to collect money to fulfill their fraudulent objectives. After getting bank account information or credit card number, they can easily transfer money to themselves. 

844 area code scammers also collect important information about their target so that they may easily convince them to provide information about their bank debit card etc. This information can help scammers to trap their target in a better way. 

Example 1: Suppose a scammer knows that you have been using a credit card many years ago and is no longer of use to you, then might present themselves as a bank employee asking for a late fee regarding that. 

Example 2: If you collected a loan from a bank some years ago, the scammers can imitate someone from a debit card agency and may summon you for not paying all the loan bank. Hence, can potentially collect a heavy amount from you resulting in a huge financial loss to you. 

Scammers using 844 area code to fraud people are ill-famed for their fraudulent activities. 

In some cases, it has also been observed that people call family relatives of the victim and colleagues to prove that they are authentic person building more pressure on the victim. 

How Scammers find Victims

Most probably, the scammers may create a list of people they want to trap because of possessing important information regarding their potential victim that they must have collected from an organization data breach. 

How I keep myself away from getting trapped by the scammers

844 area code scammers are potentially more dangerous and horrifying and difficult to be avoided. So. to keep yourself from them, you need to take some precautions and need to be more alert as you receive a call from them. While having a conversation with them, remember to write down the company they claim to be associated with. Make a quick research on google about that company and see if either it exists or not. In case, it does not exist. Tell them that it is not a genuine company and disconnect the call. You can block the number if they repeatedly call you. 

Another thing, do not provide your bank details to any person who you are not certain about is from your bank even if they pretend as they are. 

I have been victimized by a scammer…… What should I do?

In case, you have been victimized by an 844 area code scammer. You are supposed to consult your bank regarding the information on whether any transaction has taken place from your bank account. If they inform you that 844 area scammers have transferred the amount from your bank account then do let your bank know about this so that they may take serious steps to make your account secured as much as possible. 

If you paid via PayPal then you can reverse the transaction. However, if you have paid by using cryptocurrency or bitcoin wallet then it is almost next to impossible to take your money back. Another option you can choose is to report a scammer so that others may stay protected from losing their money due to such scammed activities. 

How do I avoid getting targeted by a scammer?

To minimize the chances of getting scammed by the 844 Code Scam, the most suitable thing is to secure your bank account information as much as possible. Make sure that all of your virtual accounts contain strong and protected passwords. Besides that, you should not save your debit card login details saved on websites. When you shop online, be careful regarding it to stay cautious as much as possible to avoid any inconvenience in the future. 


I hope you like this review. Don’t forget to leave your comments and valuable suggestions in the comment section. Feel free to ask any questions. 

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