How to Quickly: Remove Slideshow From any website using Deslide


Remove Slideshow From any website using Deslide

Most of the websites prefer to use slideshows for their list-primarily based articles. Although, there is nothing inappropriate when everything is implemented in the right way. The majority of the publishers rely on it to get maximum impressions or views in line with web pages.

It is supposed to be a frightening experience from the opinion of the target market. Although the aim to include these slideshows in these websites is to increase the views of a particular website thus it will further increase the customers and sales of a business, most of the users are found to get frustrated by continuously seeing these slideshows.

It can be an inconvenience to the people to read content when they get encountered with this unnecessary stuff. In this article, we are going to reveal how you can remove these slideshows from websites.

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People have to keep clicking “Next”, then wait to read their desired content, as slideshows slow down the speed of a website. Isn’t it an annoying experience? So below, we will get you to know about how you can avoid such an annoying experience.

1- Deslide

  • This app can be used to De-slide a slideshow from a website and can be saved in the form of a single-page article.
  • View an animated gif on the way it paintings
  • Just remove the slideshow from the website.
  • The website can assist 2000 sites, which also comprise the official Slideshare websites. You may need to create a bookmarklet of Deslide.
  • So, if you want to develop a bookmark, you need to visit a professional page, after which you have to drag and drop the “deslide” Bookmarklet at the homepage, that is located in the browser bookmark area (click on Ctrl+B, if no more can be seen). Next time, you will come across a slideshow. You can certainly click on Deslide “Bookmarklet”. It will set all slides within a new tab.
  • Other than that, you may always do it antique fashion manner, i.E. Reproduction-paste the URL of the website that contains the slide display to the Deslide page.


It is one of the most reliable apps to remove the slideshow from a website.


  • Copy the link of the article you want to remove the slideshow from.
  • Install the Clusterfake app from your browser, then open the app and paste the link of the URL of the website.
  • Click on Deslide.
  • If it does not work, you can go back to the website you want to Deslide, now start the slideshow, copy the URL from the browser, and follow the same process as mentioned above.


It is one of the Deslider apps, it can remove any of the pages from the website, and you do not need to click on “next”, every time to remove a slideshow from the website.

As the name indicates, the app can combine all of the pages into one. In the extension menu, you can view the number of pages Deslide.

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