How Can I Fax from Windows 7


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How Can I Fax from Windows 7

Faxes are the most preferred way to communicate professionally. They are safe, secure and devoid of any information leakages. Faxes use the most encrypted telephonic analog communication that cannot be broken into.

It is not hard to recognize that faxes can escalate your professional impression. It offers an operational advantage when you are able to fax. Does it make you sad that you can’t afford a fax machine and all you have is your Windows 7 system? Well, your Windows 7 can transform into a fax machine, here is how!

CocoFax: Best Fax Service for Windows 7

CocoFax is an online fax service provider. You have to look at this site to know how effortlessly you can fax from your Windows 7.  CocoFax is the most popular online faxing service that is there to exist.

At the onset itself, you must know that there are many online fax service providers that exist. The other providers of these services have large subscription costs. The subscription cost and fixed plans can take a toll on your financial planning if you do not have a great volume of faxes. 

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In addition to the large cost, the online faxing services are latent homes for potential malware and phishing tools. The malware and phishing tools can really compromise the integrity of your system. All these concerns will go for a toss when you opt for CocoFax

Faxing from Windows 7

You can attain extreme functional leverage when you use CocoFax for professional fax sending. A lot of individuals, professionals and even big corporates understand the perks of online faxing. This is why they trust no other service than CocoFax.

Another highlight of this app is that Cocofax offers a 30-day free trial. It is sufficient time for you to gauge your level of comfort with the app. You can reckon your comfort with it and then choose your pick in accordance.

If you do not want to go ahead with this application, you can cancel the subscription within the trial period. You will not be charged any additional cost when you do so. 

Free Fax Number

CocoFax also is a great relief of online faxing service as it offers free fax service as a part and parcel of its subscription. Those who have applied for a fax number would admit the fact that the process can take a lot of time.

When you have CocoFax in place, you can be done and dusted with this job as well. You would not require to apply for a fax number. The subscription will offer you a free fax number, without any additional cost. This number will act like your fax identity.

CocoFax for Windows 7

The other online faxing services try to prove their mettle through marketing gimmicks. With free demos and paid promotions, they try to prove themselves better. But, does marketing gimmick justify performance?

CocoFax does not offer any false claims. It is true to every word and feature that it promises. In addition to a free fax number, malware-free faxing also provides the most time-efficient services. Your fax document will be sent in only a few moments.

Even if you want to assess cost-wise, CocoFax will prove to be the most economical solution. It has the most amounts of free faxes with its subscription. Unlike other applications that exclude international faxes from its list, CocoFax makes no such exception. 

When security is your primary concern, you cannot jeopardize the same by picking the first alternative off the internet. You only need to trust a reliable name. With a history of seamless faxing service, CocoFax has garnered a huge customer base.

When it comes to the usage of CocoFax, its web-based interface is so easy to operate. You can use it instantaneously. There is no extra knowledge or performance trick that you would need. The application has just the right kind of performance set up.


With CocoFax, there is no one stereotypical way of doing things. You will attain flexibility of functions. This operational leverage will work to your advantage. You can access and use CocoFax with your desktop, laptop, tablet and even your smartphone.


Just don’t go ahead with any random application. You will be jeopardizing the security and integrity of your information that is being shared. CocoFax offers the benefit of reliability that most of the other applications fail to provide. 

Thus, you can be completely sure of the kind of protection and data integrity that this application provides. There will be no information or data leakage. 

Delivery Notification

CocoFax ensures that the users are informed about the status of their fax documents. Whether the fax got delivered or not, the fact will be updated on a real-time basis. While CocoFax offers a 100% guaranteed fax delivery in only a few moments, there can also be delivery failures because of the following:

  • The fax machine might be turned off or nonfunctional

  • If the fax number has been wrongly inserted

  • On account of other manual errors

It is because of the above-mentioned reasons that it is always suggested to recheck and reconfirm the fax number and other relevant data. Upon successful confirmation, the fax can be sent out. It lessens the scope for any evident errors.

Cost Efficiency

CocoFax is extremely cost-efficient as compared to even buying a fax machine. With a fax machine, there are a lot of fixed, variable and operational costs involved. The magnanimity of the cost saved with CocoFax is immense. 

There are lesser paper, electricity and space consumption with CocoFax. You can use your Windows 7 in itself for sending a fax. There are no extraordinary functions involved, just sheer performance.



Enough hearsay about CocoFax, when you look at this site, you would know just how performance-centric it is. It can be accessed through any device of your choice and the operational leverage it provides is abundant. When you opt for CocoFax, you opt for the best in the faxing business. 

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