How to Put Macbook on Do Not Disturb


Do not disturb you with constant notifications on your Mac. when you focus on the work of the hand. It’s easy to change, and you can customize turn-on notifications in specific situations and turn them off. Notify notifications when Macbook on do not disturb.

Notifications on Mac then keep you up to date with Calendar Events, Emails, Messages, and many more. But sometimes, incoming warnings are distracting, and you can distract your attention from things you want to work on. Do not disturb the Apple benefits, a feature that covers all alerts if you need them.

Notifications may be mixed for some, they have communications messages and allow an email or a quick response to an email or a tweet. But others may be distracting from the work of the hand. AppleInsider shows how they close all of them at a time, or a pesky app quietly.

If it comes too much, in one click, midnight can be silent until midnight. To do that, click on the option in the upper right-hand corner of the desktop.

To show that the notifications were disabled, the icon was released. When an icon cries, you can type notifications by clicking the icon again – it does not implicate them.

How to set  do not disturb on your Mac

  1. Click the Notification Center icon in the upper right corner of the menu bar, or swipe the two fingers from the right edge of your Mac trackpad.
  2. Scroll above the top of the notification center.

set  do not disturb on your Mac

3. Then click the do not disturb switch to the on position.

click the do not disturb switch to the on position

How to customize Do Not Disturb on Mac 

  • Open System Preferences from your MAC’s dock or application folder.
  • Click Notifications.

customize Do Not Disturb on Mac 

  • Click the checkbox next to  from: [Time]: [Time].
  • Click Arrows next to from: And to fields should be fields to select the time limit that you want to be.
  • If your Mac’s display goes to sleep automatically, when the display is sleeping, click on the scene.
  • When checking the TVs and projectors, your MAC’s screen is a TV or projector (which does not include external monitors).
  • Click the checkbox for Allow calls from everyone if you still want call notifications while Do Not Disturb is on.
  • If you want second calls from the same number within three minutes, click the box to allow repeated calls.

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