Your Camera Options In Android 11 Will Be Much More Limited


Your Camera Options In Android 11 Will Be Much More Limited

Google continues to put the finishing touches on the pre-release Android 11 mobile operating system. Enthusiasts from among the beta testers have discovered in the next collection of OS a new feature that affects the functionality of smartphone cameras.
It seems that soon fans of mobile photography waiting for a restriction on the freedom to choose software for shooting.


What will change in Android 11

Google appears to have intentionally removed the third-party start feature to shoot when the camera module is activated from a variety of apps, such as graphics editors. At the same time, the quality of images on devices with poorly optimized image processing algorithms, which were previously compensated by third-party programs, can be significantly affected.

Thus, in Android 11, most of the actions associated with taking pictures from the interface of different programs will be tied to a standard camera without the ability to select third-party applications (although they will be able to be used separately).

According to Google, this restriction is a forced measure aimed at combating spy apps, the influx of which has been observed in Google Play for the last few months.

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